Dive In

IMG_8135Today’s meditation was just under fifteen minutes long, and like yesterday it was not a guided meditation, and I did my piriformis stretches separately from the meditation.

The focus of today’s meditation was on the graphic included to the right in this post.  It felt really fitting, as I was struggling with a very unreasonable and disgruntled customer today.  It also sets me up for dealing with what’s coming tomorrow, as we’ll be meeting up with my aunt and cousin tomorrow.

I want to remember the theme for today’s meditation for that event tomorrow, and I want to continue to be kind, even if they are not.  Kind to myself and others… even if they end up unpleasant and possibly pissing me off, as they have so often done in the past.

Anne of Green Gables Tarot and Less Anxiety Affirmation CardsToday’s draw is the Page of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of a receptive omega energy, personality, or person in the area of one’s enthusiasm, passions, interests, and inner spark.  This often communicates into themes to do with learning a better way to go about obtaining one’s goals and ambitions, discovering new techniques or methods of diving into one’s interests, and reconnecting with one’s drive and passion for something that sparks one’s enthusiasm.

In this card the girl in the field dances in the dark, connecting to the joy of the dance itself and the night sky, both of which spark her inner fire.

Combined with the affirmation card for today, the message that I see in these cards is about making sure that when you find something that really speaks to you and inspires you, that you don’t just push it aside but take a moment to dive in and enjoy.  Maybe it’ll be a passing fancy, or it could develop into a lifelong passion.  Either way, to enrich one’s life such responses need to be explored, not pushed away and ignored.


#PrideintheTarot Challenge
Questions for June 11th thru 14th

Bach Flowers OracleA card for loving myself.

Red Chestnut – Make a conscious effort to step away from worry and anxiety. These things don’t help you or those around you, but are only holding you back and causing you harm. Let go of the “what if’s” and the fear of the unknown and allow serenity to slide into place instead.

A card for protecting myself.

Holly – You don’t need to flex so hard.  Your spirit guides and the energies that guide you are there to help in keeping you safe. You’re doing the things needed to protect yourself, and they are filling in the gaps.

A card for freeing myself.

Hornbeam – You need to get more active.  It’s all well and good to do your work and spend time with Gideon, to make sure you’re getting enough rest, etc.  But it’s through physical exertion that you truly purge your energies, and doing so in nature allows good, refreshing energies to then flow in to replace the negative being purged.  Get out and get moving among nature, even if it’s just a little bit here and there.

A card for rest.

Wild Rose – As mentioned in another reading recently, not all rest is about naps and relaxation.  Sometimes the rest you need comes through activity and exertion.  Echoing back to the “freeing myself” question, you need to get out in nature and allow the healing energy to flow through you as you purge what needs released.


#DiscordTarotolicsJun2021 Challenge Prompt
: About pain…
Question: Are there are ways to avoid the most painful moments in life without stunting one’s growth?

Anne of Green Gables TarotReading Summary: Happiness can be found either way (Ten of Cups), but there is no growth (Ace of Swords Rx) without change (Death).

Take Away: The answer here is no.  Although it’s possible to live a happy and contented life without those most painful moments, in order to grow, there must be change… and the most influential changes in our life include pain. 

Therefore, these most painful moments are necessary for our growth, allowing us to learn and expand through the experience and pain involved.


Daily Self Kindness

Choosing to play Enu tonight in roleplay with Gideon turned out to be a really good self kindness tonight, as Enu’s natural cheerfulness helped to lift me up out of the funk I fell into after learning about tomorrow’s family get together.

Gideon’s Challenge


Twilight hours
bring quiet moments
and peaceful sits
at the shore
where reeds and weeds
sway in the breeze
and water laps
against stones
when chill creeps in
with a blaze of pink
slide your arm
around me tight
Hold me close
and soft kisses are sure
to lead me through
the night

Photo © ZenStatePhotography