Focus On The Present

Today’s meditation was skipped (again) because today was my driving day, which means that after my shift at the farm I immediately hit the road to drive for about six hours.

Connolly Tarot and Less Anxiety Affirmation TarotToday’s draw is the Chariot card, which is traditionally a representation of willpower and drive set to a purpose, action, and direction.  It’s about seizing control over one’s actions, fate, and destiny.

Today’s cards are calling me out.

The thing is?  I am constantly trying to look ahead, constantly planning, scheming, strategizing, and directing how I want things to go. This control is habitual and some of it has to do with fear of losing control and things going off the rails.  The presence of the Chariot here is a reference to those tendencies.

Combined with the affirmation card for today, the message here is that I need to stop spending so much time trying to control the future, when it’s the present that really matters.


CoffeexTarot’s Self Love For The Summer Prompt
: What gives me clarity?

Secrets of the Mystic Grove OracleReading Summary: Being able to step outside my own perspectives and see things through the eyes of others (Seeing Differently), combined with my ability to ground myself through the earth and find comfort and peace in this process (Rhythms), allows me to see my fears and anxieties in a different light and give me a level of clarity and calm concerning things I would otherwise be blind to (Trust).

Take Away:  Sometimes fears make it impossible for us to see anything besides what we fear the most.  Anxiety narrows our focus and forces us into tunnel vision on those things that trigger us.  These cards indicate that during these times, I have the added benefit of being able to connect with the earth for calm and step out of myself to find perspective, and in doing so, I am able to find more clarity than I would be able to otherwise.


#DiscordTarotolicsJun2021 Challenge Prompt
: About dreams…
Question: how can I get a more restful sleep with less dreams getting in the way of that?

Connolly TarotReading Summary: If you didn’t worry so much and struggle so much (Five of Pentacles) with the new changes taking place (Ace of Cups), then you wouldn’t have so many dreams that involve imbalance and unresolved endings (Two of Pentacles).

Take Away: It’s the balance being askew and a lack of resolution in my dreams that makes me feel so unrested when I wake up. Issues with scarcity, combined with my worries over staying on this new path of self love and emotional growth, are spurring on the dreams in which I’m never quite able to find balance or resolution.


Daily Self Kindness

I had a really nice evening with Gideon, both sharing my haul from the post office as well as in beginning a bit of a date night in play.

Morning Bonus Read

Anne of Green Gables Tarot - The MagicianJune 14 – Birth of the Muses
This card shows how our inspiration and creativity is manifesting.

The Magician – Naturally, with just a little push. Highs and lows are natural, but you have all that you need when you need it.  (Anne of Green Gables Tarot)

TV Series Tarot - Ten of SwordsJune 15 – Vestalia – An ancient Roman festival dedicated to Vesta, Goddess of the Hearth.
This card shows us our hearth, the fire at the center of our life and home, and how to tend it.

Ten of Swords – The belief that it is through the things in life that knock us to our knees that have the most profound effect on us and where we go from there. The belief that each pain is a growth spurt opportunity on our spiritual journey. A place where we fall, then pick ourselves up changed and move forward.  (TV Series Tarot)

David's Tarot - Two of WandsJune 16 – Night of Teardrop – Remembrance of the tears of Isis causing the Nile River to overflow.
This card shows what our emotions are telling us at this time.

Two of Wands Rx – struggling with direction and planning at the moment. You know where you want to go, but plotting a course is more of a struggle than expected. (David’s Tarot)

Vox Arcana Tarot - The HermitJune 17 – Goddess Juno – Celebrating the ancient Roman goddess for whom the month of June is named.
This card shows us an area of fertile growth in our lives.

The Hermit – Inner exploration and a better understanding of the self as a result.  (Vox Arcana Tarot)

Family Tarot - Knight of CupsJune 18 – Oak King – A dedication to the Oak King, who is now near the height of his power in his battle with the Holly King.
This card shows us our strength.

Knight of Cups – Going after what you need to be healthy and stable. It might take some time to get there sometimes, but you’re damn good at knowing what you need and not hesitating in moving that direction. Going at your own pace.  (Family Tarot)

Seawitch Tarot - Three of SwordsJune 19 – Scrying
In the tradition of scrying at the time of Midsummer, this card shows us a blessing to come.

Three of Swords – Disappointment is coming… But it’s going to be a blessing in disguise. Sometimes crappy shit happens in order to give you something better, so make sure you’re looking for the blessing even if your heart is hurting a bit at the time.  (Seawitch Tarot)

Botanica Tarot - Ten of Wands RxJune 20 – Summer Solstice
This card shows us how to shine our own light like the Sun.

Ten of Wands Rx – Stop overloading yourself so much with work, responsibilities, and obligations. You’ve been working on this, but you still have a long way to go.  (Botanica Tarot)

Dragon Tarot - Nine of SwordsJune 21 – Festival Strawberries
As the strawberries ripen, this card shows us the sweetness in our lives.

The Tower – sometimes when things fall apart it’s bittersweet and even painful. We try so hard to hold onto those things that are important to us during this time. But sometimes letting go is the only way, and when we do it opens us up to building something better sweeter than before.  (Playful Heart Tarot)

Playful Heart Tarot - The TowerJune 22 – Honey Moon
This card shows us how to release anxieties or worries, how to enjoy ourselves in this moment.

Four of Swords – Truly letting go and being able to enjoy the moment requires excepting that everyone needs time to rest and recover, even you. When you put your nose to the grind stone too often and for too long, you miss out on all the good stuff going on around you that you could be a part of.  (Vintage Flower Faeries Tarot)

Vintage Flower Fairies Tarot - Four of SwordsJune 23 – Saint John’s Eve
Like the herbs traditionally gathered on St John’s Eve, this card shows what protects or heals us.

Six of Cups (Buttercups) – Childish exuberance allows you to be lifted up out of the drag of depression and see the world in a lighter and more optimistic view. Don’t shut this out of your life for it not just heals you when you are struggling with that drag, but also protect you from it in the first place.  (Botanica Tarot)

Botanica Tarot - Six of CupsJune 24 – Guru Purnima – Indian festival of expressing gratitude to teachers.
This card reminds us to have gratitude for lessons and teachers as we move forward.

Nine of Swords – It is only through for confronting our demons that we learn how to deal with them and abolish them. Remember to show gratitude to those that help you in this quest.  (Dragon Tarot)

Connolly Tarot - Six of WandsJune 25 – Parvati Earth Mother
This card shows us how to ground ourselves and how to connect with the Earth’s abundance.

Six of Wands – Connect with the earth in the plants, and seek praise from them instead of from people. It is through your connection to the wild growing places that you will find your connection with the earth and her gifts, as well as that quiet still place of grounding within yourself.  (Connolly Tarot)