Morning Bonus Read – Reading In Nature

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
Go outside, and sit in the grass, in a space where the nature knows you (your yard, a local park, etc.) Do two different three card spreads. Each spread should have one card for roots (taking in nutrition), one card for stems (moving things into position), and one card for flowers (future plans, what people notice). Do one such spread to ask your local nature what it would want or need, and a second to ask it what it sees you needing.”

IMG_2444My Local Nature

Roots – Community effort has been lacking lately which has caused a bit of disappointment.  Although the area is clean of litter, there is a sense of lack of upkeep and neglect. The people come… but the tending to keep things in healthy balance is not happening.

Stem – As summer continues, more people will come to visit this area.  It will bring about a sense of community among those that love nature and the area as a whole.  It will set the scene for those that care to band together and begin to tend to those things that are being neglected.

Flower – Noticeable change to a more harmonious state. Everything is moving in that direction and a harmony between those that visit and the nature in the area is around the corner.

IMG_2445Me, Personally

Roots – This is where I belong and I need to spend more time in the area making sure I am taking advantage of what nature and the earth can offer me.  Find a way to structure this time among the trees into my life on a more regular basis and it will strengthen my foundation as a result.

Stem – Talk with others and find a way to arrange it so that they can support your need for this time. You can stretch short visits over a long period, and still get what you need, but as you are already aware, without this time in nature you will not flourish.

Flower – You’re too possessive of your responsibilities and obligations, and it is causing you to miss out on the amount of time in nature that you need. This is a hurdle you will need to continue working on overcoming in order to get what you need.