Choices Without Bias

Today’s meditation was skipped, as it’s an orders day.

Metamyth Tarot and Less Anxiety Affirmation CardsToday’s draw is the Lovers card, which is traditionally a representation of not just love, romance, and marriage as it is often interpreted by many, but also about choices and making positive choices that are good for you.

Today I want to start with the affirmation card, though, as the topic dealt with on the card is actually something that a lot of people struggle with when first learning to read the tarot or other types of divination, especially when reading for self.

It can be hard to be objective and unbiased, especially when it pertains to something that is important to you or that you have a strong opinion on.

The Lovers card combined with this affirmation card is a reminder that sometimes the only way you can find a healthy option for yourself is by separating yourself from the situation and looking at it from the outside. Sometimes only with an unbiased vantage point can you find clarity.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
Question: What good habits do I have?

Fauna Inspiration CardsHeron (Self-Reliance) – Independence and inner strength allows me to not just live the live that I want to live how I want to live it, but gives the opportunity for me to touch other’s lives and teach them to do the same.

Squirrel (Necessity) – I am very good at preparing “for the hard times” and making sure that I have what I need when I need it. And when I don’t have what I need, I’m resourceful enough to find a way.

Pelican (Optimism) – I always say that I’m a pessimistic person, and that I’m always fighting to put more optimism into my life to counteract that.  But, there are certain circumstances where my optimism does continue to shine. Creativity. Security building, etc. In these areas, confidence and optimism blend and thrive.


#DiscordTarotholicsJun2021 Challenge Prompt
: About abandonment…
Question: Where in my life am I feeling abandoned?

MetaMyth TarotReading Summary: In my ability (Strength) to move in to something new (Ace of Pentacles) and let go of the burdensome habits of the past (Ten of Wands).

Take Away: I am feeling abandoned by my own strength. Not in all ways, of course. But at this moment I’m struggling a bit on moving forward on this healthier path I’ve chosen.

I feel like I should be able to let go more easily and move forward into this new path that I’m working to tread without the struggle that I am going through right now.

I want to be able to transition more easily, to let go of my  unhealthy habits more easily, and yet I struggle with the letting go side of things.


The Sacred Grounds Tarot Club Prompt
: New Moon and Solar Eclipse – What’s hidden? What’s come to front? Why?

Family TarotHiddenThe Emperor – Having all the control. You’ve always had a very dominant streak when it comes to being with others, but yet in the thirteen years with Gideon, this dominant streak has become less and less demanding of air time.

Come To FrontThe Lovers – Communion with Gideon. Letting go and allowing him to suggest choices that are healthy for you. Allowing his guidance to help you and his strength to support you. As you sink more into that softer, more vulnerable side of your nature that he brings to the surface, and begin to not just settle and become comfortable there, a balance is being created.

Why?The Sun atop Knight of Coins – Because right now this is what you want and what is making you happy. You’re comfortable with expressing what you need and what you really enjoy. Your connection with Gideon allows you to have what you need when you need it and enjoy it to the fullest. Right now you need to be in a small place and not in charge, and he’s able to give that to you with the loving support you need.


Daily Self Kindness

Even though it’s an orders day, I allowed myself to take a nap.  I feel much better for having done it too.

Occasional Uncertainty Is Okay

Today’s meditation was skipped.  The construction across the street was deafening today, even with the windows and sliding glass door closed.  I had plans to do my meditation after they quit in the evening, but then I ended up napping and making dinner after and the plan just went to shit.  I really don’t want to start meditating with my earbuds in, but I am thinking that I’m not going to have a choice.

Lubanko Tarot and Less Anxiety Affirmation CardsToday’s draw is The Moon card, which is traditionally a representation of the unknown, confusion, fear (especially of the unknown), finding your way through dark and uncertain times, the subconscious, anxiety, and jumping at shadows.

There is no comfort in the Moon card, only a hint of the emerging awareness in the murky waters of the subconscious.  A path through the darkness lies concealed in the water, while all around is darkness and shadows, and the uncertainty that they create.

These feelings are common in times when you can’t be in control of a situation.  Feeling like things are out of your control creates a sometimes overpowering sense of anxiety, a riot of confused emotions, and even feelings of helplessness.

The affirmation card for today brings this type of situation into focus, reminding us that when things don’t go as planned and you feel like things are not within your control?  It’s okay.  It’s okay to feel that way sometimes.  It’s okay because who wants to be in control of everything in life?  Everyone?  Every moment and every small detail?

No one.  That in itself would create it’s own mess of stress and anxiety. So, when you’re feeling things are out of your control?  Take a pause.  Take a breath.  And remember that it’s just in this moment within this situation.  Things will feel less uncertain over time and as the situation involved resolves itself.


#PrideintheTarot Challenge
Questions for June 8th thru 10th

Connolly TarotA card for living authentically.

Five of Wands – Sometimes fighting for what you are passionate about means leaving your nest of safety and security behind.

A card for embracing diversity.

The Hierophant – Teach by example. Show people how rich and complete life can be by staying open to the wide range of diversity that life has to offer.

A card for connecting with my body.

The High Priestess – Your intuition speaks to you through your body. That quiet knowledge needs you to pay attention, and you need to get things under control with your pain levels so that the pain is not muffling your intuition’s voice.


#DiscordTarotholicsJun2021 Challenge Prompt
Philosophical Question
: How is “art” distinguished from something that “isn’t art”?

Lubanko TarotSummary: Art is filled with passion (Strength), it is empowering (Chariot) and transformative (Death).  It makes people think… contemplate… and seek to understand (Judgement). 

Take Away:  The cards here are indicating that art moves people.  It touches them on the inside and inspires.  It reaches in and makes you think.  It’s individual, and touches each person differently, connects with each person differently.

Even as subjective as art is, the fact that it reaches in and touches us is wherein lies what  makes art “art” in the first place.


CoffeexTarot’s Self Love For The Summer Prompt
: A self-love message from my inner child.

The Zen of Animals OracleHorse – Get outside and run wild for a bit.  You need that outside time and you’re not giving it to yourself.  The longer you wait, the worse the lethargy and restless discontent will become, so make the time to get out into the forest and frolic with the energies and entities among the trees and moss.

Dragon – Our greatest growths and deepest depths of our selves are developed under times of stress, strain, and discomfort. You’re a survivor, and you shine as bright as the dragon’s pearl shimmering in the sun, a glow of inner strength and depth earned through all you have been through.  Don’t forget just how strong and courageous you are.

Goat – You’re sure footed on your life’s path.  Sometimes you have to move slower than others, but as long as you are listening to your moral compass and following your intuition, you won’t trip or end up straying off your path.  Allow that moral compass of yours to keep your steps steady and sure as you move forward one step at a time.


Daily Self Kindness

Well, I didn’t really want to, but I ended up taking a much needed nap today.  Also, got a brief amount of quiet time to nuzzle and snuggle with Miss Luna (which is how I ended up taking a nap in the first place).

Taking a Pause

Today’s meditation was skipped yet again.  I overslept then the day went all awry and… it just didn’t happen.

Playful Heart Tarot and Less Anxiety Affirmation CardsToday’s draw is the Five of Pentacles, which is traditionally a representation of misfortune, domestic or financial troubles, scarcity, and ill health.

Today’s card really speaks to me intuitively through the imagery.  It says that sometimes life is filled with absurdly frustrating and challenging moments, and that all you feel like doing those moments is breaking down on the side of the road and say fuck it.

I get this.  It happens.  Hell, it happens to me.  I have fallen apart in oncology appointments, had my soul screaming so loud that the only peace I could find is curled in the bottom of a running shower, and bawled my eyes out in physiotherapy sessions. Sometimes… falling apart feels like the only thing left.

The addition of the affirmation card for today is a reminder that when you’re feeling those moments come to their peak?  It’s time to pause. Take a big, deep breath and instead of screaming? Let it out slow then take another.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
Question: How are my goals progressing?

Backyard Blessings Cards and Playful Heart TarotThe Wheel of Fortune indicates that my progress comes and goes. Although not steady, it’s still moving forward.

The advice provided here indicates that, I need to make sure that I focus on optimism and abundance at this time.  I’m getting somewhere, even when things are slow.

But, I’ll get there quicker and healthier if I’m invested in joyful experiences along the way, feeling grateful for what I have, and making sure that I’m continuing to work on counteracting my pessimistic nature with more optimism. Especially during the times when things feel like they are lagging,


#DiscordTarotholicsJun2021 Challenge Prompt
: Self-Care for the New Moon…

Playful Heart TarotReading Summary: Go get that healthy alone time (The Hermit) in nature’s embrace (The Empress), before you lose the chance to do it (The Wheel).

Take Away: I’ve been a bit lax about getting myself out in the woods this last couple of months. Ever since the stalker letter showed up, actually.

I need to move past my resistance and actually do it though. I can feel I’m not getting what I need, and that it is not just dragging me down at this rate, but actually hurting me.

It’s possible (and, in fact, would make perfect sense) that my resistance here is seated not just in my concerns over the whole stalker issue and the fear involved in that, but also is tickling at my self-destruction tendencies.    In either case, whether it’s fear or the dark seduction of self-destruction, it’s something I need to break free of and not allow it to take root and continue to grow.


The Sacred Grounds Tarot Club Prompt
: How can I move more into my heart space?

Secrets of the Mystic Grove OracleReading Summary: Being successful alone is well and good. But,when you work together with others your accomplishments are more significant, and you get more done. In looking ahead to the future, make sure that you are including others more in your endeavors and accomplishments.

Take Away: The cards here are indicating that if I want to move more into my heart space I need to invite those around me in closer and allow them more room in my life, including in allowing them to be more deeply involved in my endeavors and help me on my path to success and accomplishment.


Daily Self Kindness

I splurged on going to a seafood restaurant today and had calamari, deep fried brussels sprouts, four pieces of halibut fish and chips.

What I Want, When I Want It

Today’s meditation was skipped as it’s an orders day.

Fortune Queens: A Drag Race Tarot and Less Anxiety Affirmation CardsToday’s draw is The Lovers card, which is traditionally a representation of relationships and sometimes marriage, as well as making healthy choices, weighing one’s values when making a decision, and themes to do with love and harmony.

When combined with the affirmation card pulled for today, what I see is a reminder that sometimes making choices… is hard.  Sometimes it’s a tug of war between what we want and what needs to be done, or a debate between what is best for others or best for ourselves.

At these times, having choices doesn’t feel like a boon, even though it absolutely is, and it’s important to take a step back and just breathe.  Let things settle, weigh your values and your needs against what might be your actual desire.   Stay calm and the right answer will come.

Sometimes?  That means we can’t always have what we want when we want it.  For example, in today is an orders day. This means that the mass majority of my waking hours has to be focused on work and getting orders ready to ship, which means limited contact with Gideon. It sucks, but it’s temporary. And so I tell myself to breathe through it and keep moving.


CoffeexTarot’s Self Love For The Summer Prompt
: What spiritual gift do I possess?

Oracle of the Strange ForestFirefly – My ability to be genuine with both myself and the world around me. I’ve met people that find this quality extremely annoying, and others that find it refreshing.  Some understand, and others can’t grasp it.  But I really have no one else I’d rather be, and no one else I could bother pretending to be.

I don’t have the heart, the motivation, or the memory to hide myself from those around me, and I figure if I instead simply allow my true sell to shine, people are far more aware if I’m someone they’d want to get to know, or someone they’d rather pass on.

Groundhog and Hawk – Balancing optimism with control. Allowing others room to grow in their own way and their own direction while providing guidance.  This balancing act between providing inspiration and direction, and allowing others to grow at their own pace and in their own unique ways is something that I find extremely important.  It’s a gift that allows me to guide (and occasionally also teach) others without imposing my own path upon theirs.  Instead I encourage their own growth on their own path, and provide experiences and information to help them find their way.


#DiscordTarotolicsJun2021 Challenge Prompt
: About love…
Question: How can I better discern acts of love from those spurred by other motivations?

Fortune Queens: A Drag Race TarotReading Summary: You need to work on having more faith in those around you (The Star atop Three of Cups). Everyone picks (Seven of Cups) a bad apple now and then and has to take time to recover from the betrayal (Wheel of Fortune atop Four of Swords).

Take Away: The answer here in these cards is that there is no better way to discern acts of love from those spurred by other motivations than the methods I am already using.  You can’t know everything, and life can turn on a dime and bite you in the ass.  

Have a little faith, and try not to go too overboard on the paranoia.


Daily Self Kindness

I’m going to bed at a decent hour tonight.