Ever Expanding

Today’s meditation was skipped because I ended up napping through it.  Not intentionally, but that’s what happened.  I still haven’t figured out how I go from on my back with my legs up the wall to sprawled out and comfortable to sleep.

Botanica Tarot and Flower Fortune CardsToday’s draw is the Queen of Swords, which is traditionally a representation of a receptive alpha energy, personality, or person in the area of one’s thoughts, intellect, education, instinct, and communication.   This is the energy of support and sharing through knowledge, experience, and advice.  It is where ideas are fostered and encouraged.

In this deck, on the Queen of Swords is depicted the Red Oleander (Nerium oleander) which is an extremely poisonous plant that is both ornamentally beautiful, but extremely dangerous. The use of this plant in the Queen of Swords speaks of the duality in nature of this card’s energy.  For, not only can the energy behind the Queen of Swords be strong and supportive, but that energy can also be cold, harsh, and unforgiving.

The Flower Fortunes card for today says “Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits,” and this theme fits well with the Queen of Swords with its Red Oleander companion. The message is one of tough love, and speaks of the need to push yourself beyond what you believe to be your limits.  Sometimes, that sucks.  That push can be painful or frustrating, uncomfortable or a huge struggle.  But, if we don’t test ourselves and push for more from ourselves, then we can never truly know just what potential we have within us that is yet to be fulfilled.


CoffeexTarot’s Self Love For The Summer Prompt
: How can I best give myself love this summer?

She Whispers Her Truth Oracle	Reading Summary: Self-care is extremely important, and this summer it needs to take priority over the business and earthly pursuits of money and gain (Self atop Intellect). This includes the meditation you’ve been avoiding (Hold), and making sure that you take the time off that you need (Acceptance).

Observation: All of the cards pulled in this reading are of the air and water variety.  This speaks of the theme being one combined between intellect, communication, and the emotions.

Take Away:  So much of the year is filled with stress, strain, and the needs of the business.  You push yourself beyond limits during the late fall and winter months, you spend the time following that in a pattern of recovery and anxiety, often resulting in months spent in an MDE that steals away the spring.  This time… the summer time, is where you need to focus on yourself.

Care for your needs.  Meditation is one of those needs.  Although it feels like it does very little, the fact that even your heart rate’s average bpm drops significantly when you are meditating regularly makes it clear that it’s doing more than you’re aware of.  Take time off, do your meditation, and enjoy the self care activities while you can.  All too soon it will be autumn again and you’ll have to force your needs aside for the business once more.


#DiscordTarotolicsJun2021 Challenge Prompt
: About friendship…
Question: How can I better hear my intuition and trust my judgment when it comes to making friends?

Botanica TarotIntuitionThe Star (Jasmin) and Knight of Swords (Venus Fly Trap) – It’s okay to still have a hope in humanity and the goodness of people. It’s okay to be enthusiastic about wanting to have friends to share your ideas with, just don’t get it so enthusiastic that you become impulsive. When you’re in a hurry you make mistakes. So take your time.

JudgementSeven of Wands (Datura) and Eight of Swords (Ice Plant) – Make sure that you’re looking outside yourself. For this particular endeavor don’t just trust what’s inside, because that hopeful nature that wants so badly to see good in everyone can blind you sometimes. Listen to others, pay attention to what they’re saying, and how they react to the people that you are trying to befriend. See if these reactions line up with your own perceptions.


TheSphinxRevolution’sGothic Seance Divination Prompt
Today’s Muse
: H.P. Lovecraft
(Note: I’m using the writers in this challenge as a muse instead of as a mediumship/seance practice. So the questions are about me instead of about them.)

Meet the Self Oracle

What ambitions are dying inside of me? Why?
Fixe tes objectifs. Mets en lumière. / Transmutation Transcendance

The ambition that is dying inside of me at this time is that drive to do every little thing I’m inspired to do. At one time, every inspiration I had was explored with enthusiasm or set aside with only the intention that I will pick it up and explore it soon.  What I’ve come to realize, though, is that just because it’s a good idea doesn’t mean I have to dive into it. It’s okay to let some of them go and instead focus on only a few. This shift appears to be happening because as I grow, I’m becoming more centered.

What aspect of my life do I keep separate from others?
Crée, tu es le monde

My inner voice. My magical workings.

Although I guide others and how to hear their intuition and follow it more closely, and although I share with the world my talents… I don’t always share what is going on “behind the curtain”. Although I teach people about magic and witchcraft, and I am willing to share my knowledge in these areas, neither do I share with them my own personal spells or the details of what I am doing in my own life. The reason for this is because it opens these things up to being tampered with by others.  Thus, I protect my creative spark (both interior and exterior) through holding these things apart and protected.

In what ways do I feel a lack of influence in my life?
Confiance Courage

I feel like the majority of my confidence and courage comes from within instead of from others. Although I know that people are there beside me and willing to stand at my back, I find that I shy away from leaning into that knowledge the majority of the time. This doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate it, or that it doesn’t give me a hint of pleasure to know that they are there.  It means that my path is my path, my moral compass is my moral compass, and I feel strong enough in these things to stand confident within them.

Guidance that HP Lovecraft might give me about my spiritual journey.
Un message, Sois a l’écoute / Prends le temps… Reflexion

Open up and listen more closely to your intuition and your guides. Get back into your meditation practice, as it was a help you in listening to both more closely.


Daily Self Kindness

CHOCOLATE CAKE!!  And sexy time with Gideon.  I mean, with those two things as a part of my day, I think I’ve hit my self-kindness limit.  (j/k)

One thought on “Ever Expanding

  1. Oh my god these go on forever…*Chuckles* I hate when I fall behind. I tried really hard this time not to…but here I am again.

    Well today’s reading looks like it’s all about self care, putting the majority of your focus on that and letting some other things rest awhile. Self care, being kind to yourself, meditation…all of these are important for you to be the best version of yourself, man…so do it.

    And chocolate cake and sexy time with me sounds…perfect, man. Perfect

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