Morning Bonus Read – Heart Center Energy

Heart Energy Center - Sidewalk Chalk Tarot de Marseille

My heart center energy right now.

King of Swords – Ruthless practicality. Logic rules all. Future focused. This has to do with the fact that you’re working on your taxes this week, which is an activity that (in your case) creates stress and an intellectually grounded business mentality. Everything is about work, about the business, about your aspirations for the business, and the direction that you want to take it in.  The focus on how things have gone over the past year and the planning and plotting on how to move forward from here is heavy on the mind and rules your existence this week.

Tension I’m currently holding in this area.

Five of Swords – You damn well want to come out on top, but it was a bit of a rough year (as it has been for many and you’re certainly not as bad off as some). Taking a look at how things have gone, how the business has fared over the past year, and how to move forward to stay on top and keep things flush and running well is a form of battle… tension and strategy reign as you worry over what the final figures will say, and stew over the next steps to keep the business not just afloat but thriving.

How I can release this tension.

Three of Swords atop Page of Wands – Shrug off the negative emotions that come with this process and view it as an adventure instead.  By tapping into your passion for the business and the creativity that it fosters within you, you can help yourself in shrugging off the fear and tension, worry and possibility of disappointment.  Instead, you need to look at what you haven’t done right or well as a lesson to help you and the business to flourish, rather than something that could drag everything down.

A way that I can be more accepting of love.

The World – Open up.  Remember that you don’t have to wait for things to be perfect to open up and let people in, or be more accepting and welcoming of love and kindness from others.  Many times our journeys are layered as we move through life, and you can very much start a new path while still upon another lesson’s path as well.  Start again and let yourself be more open and welcoming.  Those walls are much thinner than they used to be, but they’re still there.

How I can practice compassion.

Strength atop The High Priestess – Deliver your wisdom with tact and care, tailoring the message to the audience. Although you often give good advice and your intuition is reliably on the mark, your delivery could use a bit of work.

How I can improve self-love for myself.

Six of Cups – An echo of the answer to the accepting love question above, the Eight of Cups indicates a need to let go of what isn’t working and shrug it off, leave it behind, and find a new way of doing things that is better for you.  Focus on where you want to go with your emotional growth and give that weight in the direction you head in as you work at leaving behind old frustrations and bad habits.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Heart Center Energy

  1. I love you, beautiful boy.
    I miss you so much today. This week has really sucked for getting time with you and I find myself scouring these posts to see how you are doing.

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