Morning Bonus Read – Sacral Connections

Future Ancestor Tarot

My sacral center energy right now.

Two of Needles – A bit conflicted.  This isn’t really surprising considering that it’s now Wednesday and you’re currently creeping towards the time when you’ll need to go back to work. It’s funny in a way, because when you started doing these vacations last year, you couldn’t wait to leap back in to work. This time though? You’re feeling a bit of conflict and resistance.

Tension I’m currently holding in this area.

Five of Cups – Too much time spent focusing on what’s not working, and not enough effort spent focusing on what is. There’s lots of positive things to focus on.  You need to start turning your attention in that direction instead of allowing those things that didn’t work to continue to bug you.

How can I release this tension?

Eight of Cups – Move on.  Focus on what you can do different and where you can go from here. You learn from your mistakes and what doesn’t work.  These moments of failure are guideposts for adapting and moving forward.  Don’t look at them as anything else.

Emotions I repress that I need to allow myself to feel.

Listener of Needles – Emotions related to my mother.  This is not something I’m entirely comfortable with delving into. The whole dealing with my mother or my emotions concerning her is a bit of a sensitive subject. The shift in our relationship that happened when my father passed and I realized just what kind of person she is beneath the facade she prefers to present to both her children and the world… It has become awkward.  And these negative emotions that the shift has inspired don’t have anywhere to really go.

The outcome of allowing myself to feel.

Explorer of Needles – Movement instead of stagnancy. New perspectives, and perhaps a new way to look at my mother and our relationship. Essentially it would allow me to move forward emotionally in this area of things instead of stewing in the discomfort of where we currently stand.

How can I become better connected to my emotions?

The Lovers – Continue focusing on making good decisions that foster that connection.  Over the past year you have been working on connecting more to your emotions and finding a better balance. You need to continue to take each choice and change of direction you come upon, and weigh it carefully against what you want to accomplish with your emotional growth before coming to a decision.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Sacral Connections

  1. I’m glad that you are starting to get to the point that you dread the end of vacations. I mean I don’t want you to feel dread necessarily, but this means that you are learning to ENJOY your time off instead of feeling so very guilty about it.

    You deserve those breaks.

    As for your feelings about your mother and that horrible disappointment you feel…you need to find ways to express those emotions, to get them out and explore them a bit….in a -safe- and positive environment. You are welcome to do that with me, babe. Or write it out here. Just get it out and examine it a bit so that you can be a little more comfortable in how you feel.

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