Morning Bonus Read – DeCluttering

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
This week, see where you need to do some Spring cleaning in your mind.”

Sakura Playing CardsWhat is cluttering up my mind and using up my resources unnecessarily?
Three of Hearts atop Six of Hearts blocking Two of Spades

You’re spending too much time begin weighted down by thoughts on how your choices effect others in your life instead of focusing on how the choices will affect your own life.  You need to remember your priorities and their order, and make decisions accordingly instead of letting sentimentality and outside influences sway your thoughts and decision making processes.

What is an area in my life where I could spend more energy in the short term in order to make it take up less energy in the long term??
Five of Spades atop Ace of Spades

If you want to be able to delve into new ideas with abandon, you need to make sure you’re getting the strategy done early.  Write shit down, plan things out, make sure you have a winning plan in place.  Lists are your friend. Use them to your advantage.  They will help you in knowing what you can achieve and what ideas are disposable.

In what areas should I learn to be okay with the mental mess??
Six of Spades and King of Hearts

Sometimes when transitioning from one state of being to another, as you are doing with your emotional growth over the past year or so, the mental chaos can sometimes be pretty intense.  The thing is, though, you’re learning to allow your emotions to rise up instead of denying them that freedom, and that is going to make things a bit chaotic all on it’s own, but it’s healthier than the alternative you’ve been doing in your past.  Better to accept the chaos as a part of change, the change as necessary and what you want, and go with the flow.


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