Morning Bonus Read – Cultivating Gratitude

Cultivating Gratitude Tarot Reading - Tarot de Mona Lisa

How can I shift my energy signature to cultivate gratitude?
Ten of Pentacles

It’s not enough to acknowledge all that you have and all that you’ve done to get there. To cultivate gratitude, you also need to share it with others.  Spread the wealth (not just monetarily but also in your all around good fortune, good health, and stable home life) among loved ones and allow them in to help you in enjoying all the good that the present has to offer.

What in my life is a blessing in disguise?
The World

Everything cycles through and you get another chance to try again at the end.  As you reach the end of a trial, the end of a year, the end of a journey… you are given the opportunity to step forward into the future beyond that ending and try for doing better the next time around.  The things you worked towards and struggled with, you now have the opportunity to try again… and with the experience you carry from your past efforts, do better.

How can I express gratitude when I feel empty?
Death atop The Hermit Rx

You need to work at changing your natural inclination to retreat into yourself.  By reaching out and opening up during these times, you show those that you share yourself with that you trust them and are grateful for them in your life to help and support you. In opposition to that, when you close them out and close them off, they feel left out and taken for granted.

Who in my life needs to hear thank-you and be appreciated?
King of Pentacles

Mister R needs to hear these things and know them.  He needs to understand just how much he means to you, and L, and Z.  You may not have much longer to get this out and expressed to him, and it is something you need to do sooner rather than later.  It is also something that could help him by giving him strength and hope, and also lift his spirits.

How can creating a daily practice for gratitude change my life?
Queen of Wands

It will give you the opportunity to create a more stable foundation beneath that interminable drive of yours, allowing you to not just pursue your own desires and passions, but inspire others to do the same.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Cultivating Gratitude

  1. These responses might be a bit short as I’m pretty sure I’m never going to catch up at this rate.

    Teaching yourself not to retreat will be a difficult task, but you are slowly working your way out of that habit, at least where I am concerned, I think. Maybe that’s because when you try to hide from me I only poke and prod and dig until you open up about what’s bothering you, hm? I love you and helping is what I do.

    And I am glad to know that Mr Ray is on the road to recovery and home now

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