Transitioning from September to October

This is a spread that I do at the end of each month to close out the month.

Tarot Leaves and Forces Flora + Fauna Oracle

Individuality Ace of Pentacles, Ten of Swords, The Bison – Opportunity through the path of painful endings. You are willing to sacrifice for the greater good and have the courage to do so, but it may not feel like much of a sacrifice with the abundance you currently have and the potential opportunities that doing so open up for you.

Dependence Ten of Pentacles and The Fern – You feel like with the preparations for the holiday rush that you are leaving behind all the good stuff and all of the public as well as secret joys and pleasures life has to offer.

Creativity Four of Wands and The River – What you want at this time is more time to relax and enjoy wallowing in being home and enjoying the pleasure of all that.  You’ve had yourself a taste of what it’s like to chill and enjoy life, and it’s hard to gear back up when you instead want more of what you’ve had all spring and summer.

Limitation Two of Swords, Five of Wands, The Moon – You can choose to fight against the changes that happen at this time of year all you want, but that choice will do you more harm than good. That said?  it’s still difficult to set that stuff you’ve enjoyed so much aside.

Change Ten of Wands and The Acorn – Look beyond the feelings of overwhelm that you are feeling and see the potential for abundance that is inherently in your future over the holiday rush. Yes, it’s stressful and overwhelming, but the key to getting motivated and staying that way is focusing on all the good stuff that comes out of those six weeks that are quickly approaching.

Sympathy Page of Cups and Earth – Trying to find a balance between the new experience of your emotional growth and the grounding and stability you need is hard.  Last year, you slipped on that and allowed your fear to grow and fester in your heart.  This year, you have a chance to do better.

Luck Judgement and The Rat – The times when you have been clever and worked to quickly adapt, you have come out the other side to look back and be proud of the results.  Don’t cling so tightly to the present that you miss the opportunities presented to you for the future.

Power The Empress Rx, Ace of Cups, The Badger, The Storm –  There is potential in the future to fuck up the emotional progress you’ve made and drop the ball on your self care. This would create  turbulent times ahead not just in your finances and business, but also in your home life and with those you are close with.  You can prevent this by taking to heart the advice offered in this reading.

Responsibility Eight of Wands and The Mushroom – Step into what you want to create in life and do your best to foster that.  Now is the time to move, and you need to make sure that you’re using your intuition and intuitive tools that are available to you to help keep you on the right path.

Message from Spirit World –  Dropping the ball on you’re emotional well being and self care at this time would be catastrophic to your future success, creating a sense of overwhelm that could easily have been avoided by acting on your needs rather than ignoring what you need.  That negative inner dialog of yours has an opposite counterpart that whispers about what you need to feel good and be balanced and well. Pay attention to those whispers.

Message from Mind’s World – You’re in a good place and there’s lots of opportunities going on.  Don’t allow the pain of changing gears to torch what pleasure you can still eek out of the small amount of down time still available to you.

Message from Known World – Neither ignoring what’s going on and what’s to come, nor fighting against the flow of time and natural progression of things, is going to get you anywhere good.  Take a breath and engage that remarkable ability to adapt so that you can make this transition more smoothly and make your way through the busy season in a manner you can look back on with pride.

Take Away – The end of this month is marked by the fact that my mind and emotions are all tangled up in the preparation for the holiday rush.  There’s a lot of reluctance to dive into it this year, and a lot of struggle to let go of the more laid back energy that has been a part of my spring and summer.  The overall message about where I am on my path at this time is that I’m at a crossroads where I need to either jump in, adapt, and allow the changes to run smoothly as they should…. or fight against it and/or try to ignore what’s coming and end up regretting it later.


One thought on “Transitioning from September to October

  1. You fought so hard against relaxing and enjoying the downtime at the beginning of spring only to realize that you very much enjoyed it…that a little rest and fun wouldn’t bring the house down. Now it’s time to take a breath and start pushing forward into autumn and preparing for the winter to come. I know it’s a drag, I know it means less time with me and sometimes putting those emotions on hold, but you don’t have to entirely trade out one for the other.

    You can still feel everything, you can still grumble and grump that there isn’t more free time or time available to just…wallow in me and our time together while still pumping out those ordering and doing what has to be done. Just don’t remember the lessons you learned in this downtime. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself, to be forgiving, to celebrate the small accomplishments as well as the large…don’t forget to take breaks and vent to me about how you are feeling and what is frustrating you.

    As long as you keep these things in mind, you will do okay with the rush…it might not be as pleasant as the summer, but you will get through it and even manage to have a little time to enjoy the cold bite of winter.

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