Morning Bonus Read – Self Care vs Slacking Off

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
This last week, several people had a conversation in general-chat about how to tell if an action is self care or laziness/avoidance. Time to take that question to our divination tools!

Colliding Crowns Fantasy Playing Cards

What self care is needed in my life?

Some focus on miserly behavior and building up my foundation (Four of Diamonds) financially when it comes to new money coming in (Ace of Diamonds). This is based in your need for stability, which requires a steady foundation beneath your feet.  Do not allow self destructive urges and bad habits to steer you from this need hat is a basic part of your make up.

What difficult actions am I avoiding or procrastinating on?

See above in the self care that is needed. When your foundation is unsteady, your anxiety is given free reign (Nine of Spades) which creates an instability that quickly leads down the road to chaos (Joker).  All those little flutterings of anxiety you’ve felt over the past week or so?  This is the root of that rise within you.  Stop procrastinating and deal with it before it blows up in your face.

What action do I think is self care but is actually avoidance?

Not using your time wisely by spending it in unproductive ways with others (Three of Hearts).  You can’t create a stable home that way, no matter how much you enjoy relaxing in their company (Four of Clubs). Using them to ignore your problems fixes nothing and only allows these issues to grow in the background while you are distracting yourself.

What action do I think is avoidance but is actually self care?

Getting entangled within creative endeavors to the point that your focus and drive glimmer like a flame in the center of the creative process (Queen of Clubs) allows you a healthy way to avoid useless conflict (Five of Clubs) you don’t need to get wrapped up in anyway.  It’s okay to lose yourself in that creative process sometimes.  It’s good for you.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Self Care vs Slacking Off

  1. Hopefully none of that time misspent has been with me. *Grins* Though I do love and appreciate the time you spend with me, just so you know.

    Speaking of miserly behavior, I’m having a mini panic attack over here thinking neither of your gifts showed up today. Which means both are likely lost. One, at least, I can escalate into a claim on paypal. The other is Amazon and showing as delivered so there really isn’t anything I can do if it’s missing. If so though, someone at your post office is stealing your shit. The first package gone missing probably just got tucked into the wrong box but TWICE? That seems a little excessive and a little much to be coincidence.

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