Found the Ball, Now Get On It

Today’s meditation was… skipped.  Okay, so I know that it’s Self Care Saturday, but I totally skipped my meditation today. I have no excuse for skipping other than a lack of enthusiasm. I think it was a bad idea, though, as I’ve found myself dealing with being cranky and having a bit of anxiety all day long.  I will make sure to meditate when I go to bed, though.  I’ll probably fall asleep in the middle of it, but it’s better than nothing.

Maruco Animal Tarot - Five of PentaclesToday’s draw is the Five of Pentacles, which is traditionally a representation of tests, trials, and struggle in the area of one’s finances, resources, health, manifestations, and other aspects of the physical world.

What really stands out to me in the imagery of this card today is the snow. The two critters move through not just heavy snowfall, but what looks to be a blinding blizzard.  Meanwhile, light glows from the window just behind them… but the question is, are they ignoring it?  Or is it possible that they just can’t see it at the moment?

The blizzard like conditions represented in this card speak to me of a need to look within for help rather than searching outside yourself.   If you simply can’t see the help available to you due to elements beyond your control, perhaps it’s time to do a little soul searching on how you can help yourself.

I need to get my taxes prepared and done.  I can’t take everything to the accountant until I do my part of things first.


#TarotForGrowthMay Challenge Prompt
: What obstacle have I overcome that deserves to be highlighted?

Tarot of the 78 Doors

Reading Summary: Finding a way to move forward and on to a better place in my life (Six of Swords) after changes came about (Death) that created a lack of security and feelings of instability (King of Pentacles Rx).

Take Away:  This is about moving out of my parents home. When I first emancipated from my parents home, the support system that I had used to get legal independence at such an early age fell through and I spent some time homeless and even more time living in a state of financial uncertainty that made everything I valued feel constantly at risk… including my life. I overcame that obstacle.  I finished school and put myself (almost) all the way through uni.  I worked hard and signed a mortgage and found a level of financial security and stability in my home.   This is a monumental feat that I really don’t give myself all that much credit for most of the time.


#DiscordTarotholicsMay2020 Challenge Prompt
: What am I ignoring that needs to be dealt with?

Mystical Manga TarotReading Summary:  I need to take control (King of Coins) and get my responsibilities balanced and organized (Ace of Coins under Two of Coins) so that I can better prepare for the continued ups and downs this year has in store for me (Wheel of Fortune).

Take Away:  My lack of stability and balance in my responsibilities is forcing me to miss out on positive opportunities.  It’s time to get my shit together and get done what needs done so the bit of extra space the cards have been telling me to make on my plate can be created. The Wheel of Fortune is my card for the year, and its presence here is both a representation of the ups and downs that have passed and are still before me… as well as the year as a whole.



One thought on “Found the Ball, Now Get On It

  1. Ugh. Tax season got postponed a bit this year due to the virus and all but it’s still there needing to be done. So yeah, best to get it done and over with so you’re not left scrambling when the deadline gets near. Also probably best to do it now when things aren’t so crazy rather than waiting until things pick back up again and you’re left feeling all overwhelmed.

    And yes, baby, you’ve accomplished alot in a very short time and you did it pretty much all on your own. That’s alot to give yourself credit for, even if you don’t always acknowledge it. I love you man. I’m so proud of you

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