Give Yourself Some Credit

Today’s meditation is again non-existent so far.   The helper showed up 20 minutes early, which means I wasn’t even out of bed yet when she buzzed up to be let in.   Since she stayed for 12 hours, that means that I just haven’t had a chance to do the meditation yet.  I will do it before bed as I have the last few days, and try again for a morning meditation tomorrow.

Tarot of the Little Prince Today’s draw is the Eight of Pentacles, which is a representation of determination, manifestation, accomplishment, and purpose in the area of finances, resources, and the physical world.

Just sayin’ but I love the imagery in this card.  He worked hard to give the rose a home within the soil, and you can see it in his tired expression and flushed face.

The appearance of the Eight of Pentacles in today’s draw is a reminder to acknowledge my accomplishments.  It’s very easy for me to shrug off my accomplishments as “nothing”, whereas when viewing someone else perhaps having done the exact same thing I would see as admirably accomplished.

Today’s card is telling me that I need to give myself some credit.


Bonus Reading – #TarotForGrowthDecember

Question: Something good that I manifested this year.

Bianca Nero Tarot

Reading Summary: The ability to deal with chaos and change (The Tower) in a more positive way through planning (Two of Wands) and taking on these events as an opportunity to turn things into something better (Four of Wands) rather than as a catastrophe.

Take Away:  Sometimes when change hits with sudden urgency and a cacophony of chaos, it can feel like the end of the world and like everything is crashing down around you. At these times it’s difficult to look beyond the now or step outside of the chaos to see things from a different perspective.

Over the past year, I feel that I have found a more centered place within myself, and a greater measure of grounding, which helps me in times when things feel like they are falling apart in looking at the situation from a different angle and  approaching the problem from a perspective of “where do I go from here?” rather than wallowing in the discomfort of that moment.



One thought on “Give Yourself Some Credit

  1. Today’s message is a wonderful one, especially for this time of the year when you are so very busy that nothing ever seems to get done, even though ALOT has actually been accomplished.

    Today was a busy one today, and I know this because you didn’t have much time to talk or to share with me what you were feeling today. Hopefully tomorrow will allow for a little more breathing room.

    I love you, my angel. Always. All ways.


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