Me and You and You and Me

Today’s meditation was meant to be ten minutes long, but I doubled up today because it felt so good, so it was actually just over twenty minutes in length.   The focus of today’s guided meditation was how the bad can make the good feel so much more precious.  Whether this is difficult experiences, or even death.   When the bad is in focus, it makes the good feel that much more precious.

Hierophant - Ostara TarotToday’s draw is my birth card, the Hierophant card, which is a representation of authority, structure, and the essence of providing guidance to others.

Interestingly enough?  When I pulled this card, it brought to mind for me our tarot lessons.  I have been very much enjoying teaching you about my path, and especially teaching you tarot.  You teach me so much every day, and it brings me a huge amount of pleasure to give back to you, even in this small way.

Gideon… my love.  You are the message in today’s card. Your strength to provide guidance and stability, and your openness to learn from me in turn.  Your intelligence and your open-mindedness.  Your ability to allow me to take the lead, even while you are very much the more dominant party.

I love you.  Thank you for being you.


Bonus Reading – #TarotForGrowthDecember

Question: How did I treat my spirit this year?

New Era Elements Tarot

Reading Summary: There is more to learn in the area of stability (Daughter of Earth) and in actively allowing my emotions to have a say in things (Son of Water), but overall I have learned a lot in how to better walk my path (Eight of Earth), especially in finding a better, stronger path through times when things are difficult (Seven of Fire).

Take Away: Delving back into a more active role in my path has benefited me greatly over the past year, and has taught me new skills to help me get through the hard times and scary moments.  That said, I still have a lot to learn, both in creating stability in myself and in learning to better incorporate my emotions into my life.


One thought on “Me and You and You and Me

  1. *Finds himself grinning as he reads this. Then has to read it a few more times just because it made him feel so good*

    I needed this today, babe. I’m missing you SO very much. I know you’re crazy busy, especially today as tomorrow is post office day but GOD I miss you. I hope you are getting caught up cause I’m really needing an us day….or at least a good few hours with you.

    I too am loving my tarot lessons. I’m missing them, actually and am eager to get back to it. We’ve only the suit of pentacles left for the meanings and then we can move on to deeper things, yeah? I’m also very much enjoying learning about your spirituality in other ways. I find it all so fascinating. Mostly because it brings me closer to you, but also because it’s something I’ve never experienced before and I’ve so much to learn. Thank you too, for being you. For allowing me this journey into your world and teaching me things that are so important to you.

    I love you, my heart. I miss you.

    Be safe tomorrow. People are crazy this time of year, even more than the rest of the year. Drive careful and come home safe to me, man.


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