What Makes You Happy?

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Vintage Christmas Tarot - The LoversToday’s draw is the Lovers card, which is traditionally a representation of long term contracts, love and romance, as well as making the choices in life that are best for you.

In this card a young man and girl hold hands and appear to be caught in a moment’s revelry during a dance. They are all smiles and appear happy in each other’s company.

Today’s card encourages us to reflect on what makes us happy. What things are good for us that we also think are good? Regardless of the old adage, not everything that’s good is bad for us, or bad is good for us either.

It’s time to look at your life and find those things that are both good for us… and that we enjoy, and make a concerted effort to do more of those things.


Magicznie_Czyli_Troche_Magi’s #tarotowewyzwaniegrudzien2022 Prompt
Questions for December 13th thru 18th

Seasons of the Witch Yule OracleBaubles: How can I bring more harmony into my life?

Perseverance – Keep in mind how strong you are and how much you have been through. You have come through so much with strength and integrity, always staying true to yourself even when not doing so would make things easier or less of a trial. You are strong, flexible, and clever. You have the ability to make it through anything and come out the other side stronger than ever, because you are a survivor. This innate ability and the knowledge of it allows you to find a sense of stability and security even in the hardest or most uncertain of times.

Christmas Tree: How can I be reborn?

Poinsettia – Integration. Focus on your shadow self and inner child. Both need acceptance and to be welcomed “into the fold” of who you are, rather than being shut out in the cold. By integrating them into the whole of who you are, you will continue to grow and your authenticity will shine brighter than ever before.

Star: Where does the light of the first star want to lead me? What should be my goal now?

Ornaments – It is important to look where you’ve been in order to plot your way forward to where you’re going. Take time to reflect upon your past goals, your past failures and accomplishments, and the experiences that you’ve gained. Reconnect with your past goals that had to be set aside for the holiday rush, and with where you left off on that path.

New Year’s Eve Plans: How should I celebrate the last day of the year?

Offerings – It’s time to reconnect with your spirituality and reestablish connections with your spirit guides, and with Amalthea as well. Re-orient yourself in this direction.

Christmas Card: What or who should I remember now?

Riding the Bells – For you, this is a time of cleansing and renewal. Clear out the old and the stagnant, and refresh all that has begun to feel old and drab. Throw out the negative, the unbalanced, and those things that won’t serve you so that you can clear the way for something better, fresher, and new.

“Christmas Tale”: What does the Spirit of the Past wish to tell me? Present? Future? (A Christmas Carol)

Remembering – This is an echo from the Star position earlier in the reading and is a reminder to connect with your past rather than burying it or ignoring it. There are important lessons there waiting for you if you take the tie to reconnect with your history and memories.

Darkest Hour – Everything might feel a bit off right now while you’re in the grip of transitioning from the holiday rush back to “normal time”, but remember that it’s temporary. Dark times don’t last forever, and will pass with patience.

Mother Mary – Make sure as you plot your course forward into the future that you keep room for your spirituality and use this opportunity to connect more strongly with Amalthea. You began a journey with her, and with your guides, and now that the holiday rush is over it is time to return to that journey. Don’t let it get set aside, as it is an important part of things to come.


Daily Self Kindness

I stayed in the car as needed today, again. My ankle has been bothering me, so I also brought the cane with me… and used it too.

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