Think First… Then Act

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Fearsome Weirdos Ghouls of Yule Cards - Harmey the ElfToday’s draw is the “Harmey the Elf” card from the Fearsome Weirdos Ghouls of Yule deck.

Harmey the Elf says… make sure the solution isn’t worse than the problem! For example, trying to use clumping litter as traction would cause more problems than it fixes. Breaking the ice above the gutter without a ladder to make sure you don’t damage anything would cause more problems than it fixes. Trying to force the screen door back onto its tract without a butter knife and a little patience would cause more problems than it will fix.

Pay attention to the things you do today and make sure that the ingenuity and solutions you reach for are solid and grounded. The potential for causing more problems than you fix is high if you don’t take care to do things right the first time around or think prior to acting.


#DiscordTarotholicsDec2022 Challenge Prompt
: Tarotholics Spread 1 from December 4th

Winter Waite Tarot 2019 Revised Edition

Bear – Introspection / Healing: How can a period of introspection help with healing the past year’s pain?

Two of Swords – Think before you act. Think before you speak. Remember that it’s okay to pause and contemplate before you say something that might make things worse or choose a direction you’re not prepared or interested in going in.

Robin – Compassion / Patience: Where can I express more compassion and patience with others?

Four of Cups – Take a moment to consider why people are being difficult instead of just assuming it’s manipulation. People balk for many reasons, and it’s not always to get their own way, inconvenience you, or make things more difficult for others.

Deer – Gentleness / Intuition: How can I use my intuition to encourage more gentleness and caring this holiday?

The Moon atop The Chariot – Allow your intuition to chariot you through moments of uncertainty. It’s okay to give your intuition reign and let it steer. The holiday rush caused you to pull back, but that’s no longer needed.

Squirrel – Preparation / Resourcefulness: How can prep and resourcefulness help me through the holidays?

The Star – Being prepared will help you in seeing the possibilities, making your outlook more positive and allowing you to be more hopeful. This positivity and optimism is key to enjoying what’s left of the holidays.

Wren – Inspiration / Enthusiasm: Where can I find inspiration to help me be enthusiastic about the holidays this year?

Six of Pentacles – Giving and receiving is a huge theme of the holidays. You enjoy people receiving the thoughtful gifts you have picked out for them, and in receiving those you’ve picked out for you. You enjoy witnessing the generosity that is so readily apparent during the holidays.

Boar – Stubborn Persistence: In what way can stubborn persistence help me through the rest of this year?

Five of Pentacles – Don’t let your scarcity issues get the best of you. Things are not as bad as they seem, and there is help of you truly need it.

Owl – Trust / Knowledge: How can the knowledge I’ve gained this year help me to trust myself better?

Eight of Pentacles – Integrate the lessons that you have learned into your life and use it to become better at those things you struggled with throughout the past year.


Daily Self Kindness

I waited to take off for Ms B’s until the roads had a bit of time to thaw, leaving in the afternoon instead of first thing in the morning.

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