Unconditional Love

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Vintage Yuletide LenormandToday’s draw is the Moon and Dog cards from the Vintage Yuletide Lenormand.

For the past handful of years, the Dog card in Lenormand has often made me think of Gideon.  It’s a card that is about steadfast loyalty and unconditional love (not of the romantic time, mind you, but the unconditional part fits).

He is my cheerleader, my confidante, my emotional support, and often my strength.  Here in the Moon card’s connection to emotions, and the Dog’s card connection to loyalty, there is a reminder of what is important… and how much you miss him.

You managed to miss him last night and are feeling sulky about that today.  Don’t forget that the holiday rush is almost over, and he’s still going to be there at the end of it.  He’s waiting for you… missing you… and it’s okay to miss him too.


Daily Self Kindness

I tried to take a couple of breaks today between working on orders.

One thought on “Unconditional Love

  1. I am missing you!! So fucking much.
    I’m hoping we at least get a little time together next week
    And I’m always here for you, love(Even when I’m sleeping which has been a little more often as I’ve been so busy…and apparently in the middle of fucking covid besides. That DOES explain why I’m tired tho)

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