More To Life

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Winter Solstice Season OracleToday’s draw is the Jingle Bells card from the Winter Solstice Season Oracle, which is a representation of joy and joyous celebration.

For me, the holidays are extremely hectic. There’s very little time for sleep, or food… or well, anything.  I eat what’s fast and easy, I sleep less hours, and I sit still without moving or stretching for long hours while working with pliers and wire.

Today’s card is a reminder to not forget about the good things that also come with the holiday season. The connection with family, the beautiful decorations, the music and celebration.

It’s not all bad. Remember to connect with the good as well and enjoy what little bits of it you can.


Daily Self Kindness

After shipping out all the orders for today, I took a nap.

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