Challenges to Conquer… Not Obstacles

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Yuletide LenormandToday’s draw is the Sleigh (Ship) and Mountain cards from the Yuletide Lenormand. In Lenormand, the Ship is about movement, travel, and change… while the Mountain is all about obstacles.

With the “Sleigh” coming before the Mountains, while seeking a positive message in the cards, what we see here is an encouragement to seek out challenges and see them as an adventure.

Whether it’s a sleigh on ice, or a ship on the sea, stopping in your tracks is not an option, no matter what obstacle is before you. Better to not fight against these obstacles, but to embrace them.

Dive in and let yourself shine as you meet these challenges head on and show just how industrious you can be in dealing with them.


Daily Self Kindness

I did not pressure myself to get everything done today.  Instead, I did a good bit of work… and I also took a nap.

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