Don’t Lie To Yourself

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Simply Christmas LenormandToday’s draw are the Whip and Sun cards from the Simply Christmas Lenormand. There are many combinations of these cards that speak of a lack of sincerity ruining a good thing (in many different variations and ways of saying this, but what I see in these cards today is a need to “crack the whip” in order to drive oneself towards success.

In other words… The more you get done today, the less you’ll have to do tomorrow.

Now is not the time to slack off or fool yourself into thinking that by not plowing forward with determination that everything will still work out fine.  It won’t.  Not right now.  Stay on top of things and you will continue to, in fact, stay on top.


Daily Self Kindness

I followed the cards advice, and that right there is my self kindness.  Although I wasn’t really feeling like work today, I did not put things off until tomorrow, which means tomorrow’s work will be that much less stressful and difficult to keep up on.

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