Winter Travel Advisory

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Snowland Tarot - Eight of WandsToday’s draw is the Eight of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of alacrity, action, speed, movement, and fast paced events or change.

The imagery on this card makes me think of Paul Revere, even though I’m aware that it’s actually an illustration of the historical Pony Express from the late 1800s.

It’s fitting that this is the card that shows up today, as today was a trip north, and it was snowing a LOT up there. I also could not stay long this time around due to the amount of orders coming in, so it was more of a quick trip up, a quick stop over, and then a race back home to work on orders again.

The message in today’s card is about taking care to be careful on my trip up north and back. It’s snowy and slick, and if you rush too much? It could be very dangerous.  Be careful.


Daily Self Kindness

I took a nap today.  A long one.  Sleep has not been something I’ve had a lot of time for over the past few days, but I had a nice long nap today after I got home from my run to the post office.

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