The Grindstone

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Fearsome Weirdos Ghouls of Yule CardsToday’s draw is a card from a collectors card deck, which I use for divination purposes as an oracle. Depicted on this card is a Santa Mummy with his index finger lifted as if to hush those that see him.

It’s that finger that stands out to me the strongest in this card.  It’s orders day, and I’m working to get orders and paperwork done for my ship out tomorrow.

With things as busy as they are quickly becoming now that the holiday rush is at it’s full force, today’s card is a reminder to stay quiet, keep your head down, and get things done. There’s a deadline to be met, and dawdling around is not going to allow you to get all the orders out the door that need to leave at 6 am tomorrow morning.



Daily Self Kindness

I made sure to eat on an alarm schedule today in order to make sure that I didn’t forget to eat.

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