Gratitude Lenormand Reading

Gratitude Lenormand Reading with The Friar's Delight Lenormand

How can I express gratitude for the blessings in my life?

Ship and Whip – Stop abusing yourself and others, whether through your communication and actions, or within your thoughts. Leaning into positivity will serve you far better than the negative mindset and bickering thoughts that often try to take over your thoughts.

What do I often overlook when I am counting my blessings?

Snake and Book – When counting your blessings, you often overlook that good sense within you that helps you see through deception. It’s never wrong, which you know through backing it up with research again and again. Be grateful for this sense… and trust it more.

What challenges am I grateful for overcoming?

Heart and Dog – You are becoming better at connecting with people instead of holding yourself apart. Past friendships have made it hard for you to trust that those showing they are true to you are sincere, but you are getting better at it.

What changes in my life am I grateful for experiencing?

Bear and Sun – You are becoming more determined in protecting that part of you that seeks out joy and positivity, instead of bashing that part of yourself down again and again whenever it lifts its head.


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