Creating Joy From Within Oracle Reading

Creating Joy Oracle Reading with the Gentle Creatures Wisdom Deck

Topic: How can I create joy from within?

Focus On Now Create – Only you can create happiness into your life. Don’t look to others for this, but seek out those things that make you happy. Instead, look to yourself and what brings you joy, then do yourself the kindness of carving out time for these things.

Release the PastConnections – Learn to lean into the things that make you feel content and happy, including those people from your past that bring you joy… and release the rest.  It’s through positive connections that you create positive results in your life.

Embrace the UnknownSupport – Don’t take for granted that people that love you and seek to support you in all of your endeavors. Allow yourself to be open to their support as you step into the unknown, for they are there to help you along your path… even when it’s dark and you can’t see the way.


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