Warmth and Comfort Lenormand Reading

Warmth and Comfort Lenormand Reading with The Blackbird Lenormand

What brings me inner warmth and comfort?

Moon and Tree – Emotional health. Well… yeah. When my emotional health is on the upswing, I feel comfort and warmth.  I feel like everything is better and I’m more easily able to connect with others, as well as more comfortable with myself.

How can I kindle an inner fire in the cold months?

Stars and Fox – Have faith and trust in yourself, and in your ability to adapt and apply strategy to get you out of tough spots. It isn’t just cleverness… it isn’t just hope and positivity.  It’s a combination of both that will keep you warm and motivated.

How can I share that warmth and glow with those around me?

Clouds and Cross – Show them how its done. Others look to you for guidance in times when they are struggling and feeling uncertain. Show them how to use that combination of practicality, strategy, cleverness, hope, and positivity. Show them what it can build and create.

When should I turn to others for comfort and support?

Fish and Crossroads – When you find yourself struggling with direction and unable to just go with the flow.


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