Caring Is Sharing

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Arcanya TarotToday’s draw is the Nine of Rain (Cups), which is traditionally a representation of

I had to take a look at the guidebook for this deck to understand where they were going with the imagery in this card (which is typically the kind of imagery you’d find on the Lovers card or the Two of Cups). It turns out that it depicts moving on from personal, solitary contentment to sharing one’s emotions with others. (Like the transition from the Nine of Pentacles to the Ten depicts personal success transitioning to sharing the wealth.)

Today’s card is a reminder that emotions are meant to be shared.  Whether they’re the good kind or the bad ones, they’re meant to be shared. If you’re feeling troubled like the emotions on the figures faces suggest?  Share this with others.  If you’re feeling ebullient comforted or content?  Share those with others too.  Emotions are better when they’re not kept closed in and “close to the vest”, but instead shared with those around you.


#DiscordTarotholicsJan2022 Challenge Prompt
Philosophical Question
: Would life lose meaning if we could live forever?

Arcanya TarotReading Summary: Discouragement (Four of Rain) would be sure to happen if you spent too much time on rest and reflection (Four of Wind). Instead, you would need to find a balance between stability and adventure (Two of Stones).

Take Away: So… no.  Not if you make sure not to let yourself get bored.  I have a feeling that finding that balance between the need for rest and a healthy dose of adventure would be very difficult, though.

That said? These cards indicate that it’s possible to not allow life to lose meaning.  It’s all in how you go about the living of it.


Daily Self Kindness

Snuggle time with Gideon.  My soul was just starting to feel a tiny bit tight with the whispers of a possible subdrop to come, but some Gideon time is easing it up and making it feel better.

One thought on “Caring Is Sharing

  1. I love you precious and i know you were disappointed by that you fell asleep but rest is important too yeah? We will have more time this weekend. Its okay.



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