Self-Love Lenormand Reading

Self-Love Reading - Shadowlands Tarot

Something to love about myself.
Letter and Mountain

The ability to not be held back or restrained by times when I can’t get the information I need. Instead I am flexible enough to find a way around these moments and keep going.

Where can I be more patient with myself?
Man and Child

You’re allowed to be childish sometimes. You’re allowed to set aside the heavy and let your inner child have a little fun. Too often you see your playful self as a ridiculous inconvenience.

Where can I be kinder to myself?
Coffin and Moon

Accept that the depression is not under your control.  You can mitigate it a bit if you catch it in time, but it’s something that happens to you, not a choice you make.  It isn’t your fault.

Energies & strategies to draw on moving forward.
Woman and Rider

Fresh air. Gentle nurturing energy. Keep moving. Lets not revisit the feelings of stymied energy and stagnancy that you experienced last  year.   Instead, keep circling fresh air and energy through your life to gently stir you into keeping moving… inside and out.


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