Don’t Sink… Ride It Out Instead

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Tarot des ArtcanesToday’s draw is the Seven of Clubs, which is traditionally a representation of fighting for one’s principles, standing up for what you believe in, challenges, and perseverance.

Staying afloat in the storm of other’s expectations and demands can often be a struggle.  Often, it can feel like just giving up or giving in is the better answer or only choice.  The thing is?  When we do this, it takes us not just off course, but off our own path entirely and onto another.

Better to fight to stay afloat in your own ethics and principles, than allow life or people to bully you into taking a different stance than the one you know to be right for you.  That ship in the card’s image can’t sail underwater no matter how much the ocean or the octopus want to draw it under… and neither can you.


#DiscordTarotholicsJan2022 Challenge Prompt
: Do Spread #2
Question: How can I avoid falling into the depression pit this spring?

Tarot des ArtcanesReading Summary: There is a very strong connection between the Eight of Diamonds and the Seven of Clubs in the coloration within the two cards and the fact that they bracket a center card that has a completely different color scheme.

These two cards together speak of a need to open one’s eyes and keep them open and aware of what’s around you as you fight forward against what is trying to overtake you. Don’t allow the depression to sneak up on you, but instead be aware when it begins to rear up and act immediately.

They center card instills a level of uncertainty that resides within the Wheel of Fortune, and is a reminder that some things are beyond your control. Combined with the other two cards, this is an indication that you may not be able to fully circumvent the depression on its arrival, but with awareness and willingness to confront it head on instead of allowing it to continue to sneak in, you can mitigate its affects to an extent.

Take Away: The answer here is that I might not be able to fully avoid the depression, but if I stay on top of watching for it’s arrival, and deal with it immediately when it begins instead of hesitating, I can ease the intensity of the depression when it’s at its peak.


Daily Self Kindness

I am still playing catch up, and I can’t remember what I might have done as a self kindness for today.

One thought on “Don’t Sink… Ride It Out Instead

  1. Just make sure that you keep me updated, that you communicate what is going on when the depression approaches. It seems that if we catch it in time and you’re able to bump up your dose for a little while, that it definitely helps with the depression as far as severity and duration. So yeah, keep me informed, love.

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