Morning Bonus Read – Leo Season

Leo Season Tarot Reading - Napo Tarot

What is a major theme of Leo Season for me?

The Star – Hope and positivity. Reconnection with your spiritual self and your spiritual practices. It’s time to focus on these things and not worry  so much about what’s coming in the fall.  Enjoy the time you have left this summer and use Leo season to get back in touch with practices that you’ve let slide to the way side (such as your meditation practice and daily devotional).

How will this theme impact me?

Temperance – It will help you in your relationship with moderation, as well as your connection to what lies beyond yourself and your personal sphere.  You can’t expect to sustain that connection without doing the work involved that supports it.  By doing the work, you will reestablish the frayed edges of the connection you’ve been letting deteriorate recently.

How can I play with the world around me?

The Devil – Have some fun, dabble in a bit of mischief, and play devils advocate now and then. Tip people on their ear and make them think about what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.

How can I better express myself?

Ten of Disks Rx – Make sure you’re expressing to others what doesn’t make you happy and what needs to change. You can’t be sunshine and roses all the time.  Sometimes you have to point out the flaws and make sure that shit gets fixed up. Better to air out the dirty laundry than let it molder through inattention.

How can I harmonize my relationship with my ego?

Queen of Disks – Remember to be supportive and nurturing with others. Just like everyone else in the world, you sometimes end up a little too focused on yourself and your won shit and perspectives.  It’s not all about you.


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