Day-to-Day Goodness

Today’s meditation was eleven minutes long, and what is the fifth installment of the introductory course for the balance app. The focus was again on the breath, and introduced the method of counting breaths in order to help with one’s focus.

Tarot of Plants and Less Anxiety Affirmation CardsToday’s draw is the Nine of Summer (Cups) /Strawberry, which is traditionally a representation of emotional satiation, comfort, and personal acknowledgement at having found your “happy place”.

I am a big fan of strawberries. Not in biting into them, as I like them mashed up.  It changes the flavor.  In fact, I enjoy strawberries nearly every day.  I add them to a smoothie made of probiotic yogurt, kefir, apple, and (occasionally) raspberries. This treat has changed (and massively improved) my digestive process, which used to involve a good deal of pain.  It’s also delicious and healthy… and oddly has nearly entirely circumvented what used to be a pretty constant craving for ice cream.

No matter what type of day I’m having, or what I have to do that day?  I always have my smoothy… and I always love it. Sometimes I mix it up with different fruits, like adding mango or pineapple or peaches, but I have this treat every single day with very few exceptions.

I share this, because today’s message is all about this.   It’s all about finding the things that make you happy.  The little things that bring joy to your life… and enjoying them.  It’s about not pushing them away for “another time” that might be more convenient, but rather incorporating them into your day-to-day in any small ways you can so that you can enjoy them even when you’re at your busiest or feeling overwhelmed, and in those times they can help lift you up and give you a bit of joy you otherwise would be without.


#DiscordTarotholicsJul2021 Challenge Prompt
Questions for July 26th and 27th

Mermaid Cats TarotAs an adult, where do I take myself too seriously?

All my worries and anxieties (Nine of Swords) concerning others and my perceived responsibilities to them (Queen of Pentacles). Too much time spent standing up and standing strong (Seven of Wands) instead of having fun (The Sun Rx).

These cards are essentially telling me I need to ease up on looking after others and just let my hair down, kick off my shoes, and have more fun.

How can I go about lightening up in these areas?

Let them fight their own battles (Five of Swords). Build better personal boundaries for myself and others (Nine of Wands).

Think more selfishly, and use this mentality to create better boundaries both for myself to follow, as well as for others and what they expect from me.


Cosmic_Crow_Tarot’s #FreedomTarotChallenge Prompt
Questions for July 25th and 26th

Tarot of PlantsWhat am I most proud of?
Nine of Autumn (Pentacles) / Beet

How far I’ve come in life to pull myself out of the destitution and scarcity that I started in to the place of comfort that I now possess.

Although I am far from wealthy, I have done well for myself in dragging myself out of homelessness and near starvation, into a place of security and comfort. I’m proud of all that I’ve done to get to this place, and the strength it took to get here.

What do I need to take more pride in?
Ten of Spring (Wands) /Thistle and Seed of Summer (Cups) /Columbine

In moving away from the constant cycle of burnout and overwhelm that I was riding throughout the majority of my adult life, and choosing to begin exploring my emotions instead of closing them off and burying them.

Sometimes I wonder what in the world Gideon saw in me all those years ago that drew him in.  I was so closed off from my emotions, and working myself so hard. Pushing myself so hard that I had little time or patience for anything else, especially not anything that had to do with my own emotions.


Daily Self Kindness

I took some time today to make a new playlist on Spotify filled with smoky soft music that I enjoy listening to when I’m relaxing.

Gideon’s Challenge

Catch  of a Lifetime

Out of all
the fish in the sea
it is only me
Your eye drawn
and your breath caught
You couldn’t look away
You reached out
and your fist curled
around my throat
and then my soul
and I have fallen
so deeply
that it is only you
I see now too

I am the chosen
and yours.

Photo © ZenStatePhotography