Perfectionism Is Not Your Friend

Today’s meditation was skipped.  No excuses, I just didn’t get it done. 

The Master Tarot and Less Anxiety Affirmation CardsToday’s draw is the Eight of Pentacles, which is traditionally a representation of hard work, honing an expertise, and perfectionism.

The Eight of Pentacles in this deck is a very classic image, where the figure works hard to hone their craft and perfect their skills.

The thing is, though?  Perfectionism isn’t always a blessing or a virtue.  It can sure seem like it sometimes, but when you get stuck in the mindset that nothing is ever good enough and you can do better?  It can become extremely detrimental.

The affirmation card in today’s draw is a reminder of this dangerous pattern, and how sometimes we have to just leave things be and not push for more, or better. 


Cosmic_Crow_Tarot’s #FreedomTarotChallenge Prompt
Questions for July 3rd and 4th

Ancient Animal Wisdom Cards and The Master TarotWhat do I depend on too much?

Hippopotamus and Six of Wands – Reassurance from outside sources.  Although it can be nice to hear good things from others, it’s important to let them feel good but not depend on them for your sense of personal value.  Nor can they heal old wounds.  Only you can do that.

What do I not depend on enough?

Dugong Tiger and Ace of Swords – So many ideas, and so little time. You need to lean more into that balance you’re trying to accomplish. Let that become a strength you develop over time and use to sort out your ideas.  You have the ability to prioritize wisely, if you’re willing to work at it and develop it.


Daily Self Kindness

Again, I’m working on catching up and I just have no idea what my daily kindness was for this day.  I’ll start being able to add these again once I’m caught up.

Morning Bonus Read – Perspectives

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
Sometimes an outside perspective is helpful. Do a divination reading about yourself from the perspective of someone else. Maybe ask a spirit or deity who cares for you what they see when they look at you.”

SINS Anima Playing CardsWhat do my spirit guides notice about my body?

Six of Hearts – You’re working at finding better harmony. This isn’t an easy task, but you’re slowly becoming more accepting and more kind to yourself, and at finding a way to balance your wants and desires with your body’s needs.

What do my spirit guides notice about my mind?

Ten of Clubs – Overloaded. So many plans and ideas, so much judgement of self, so much inner dialog getting in the way and making you feel overwhelmed even when you’re not actually being overburdened at all.

What do my spirit guides notice about my heart?

Two of Diamonds – Your heart knows where it wants to be rooted, but you’re playing tug of war with it. It’s not a weed, stop treating it like one.

What do my spirit guides notice about my soul?

Six of Diamonds – You are generous with giving of yourself. Sometimes too much so. You offer so much of yourself to others that at times it can be unhealthy for you.

What do my spirit guides notice about my life?

Two of Spades – Two paths before you and you are stuck at the crossroads.  That stagnant feeling you’ve been feeling lately is a sign of this crossroads and the internal struggle you’re going through in trying to “pick a lane”.

What do my spirit guides notice about my problems?

Four of Diamonds – Stop bracing for impact. It does no good and only holds you back. This is  a habit from your youth, and you don’t have to worry anymore about that second shoe dropping… or the first one for that matter.  Take a breath and relax.

What do my spirit guides notice about my general relationships?

Three of Spades – You’re always far too prepared to be disappointed by others. It’s okay to have a little faith in people and not be ready for them to rip your heart out.  It’s okay to not expect the worst.

What do my spirit guides notice about my relationship?

King of Spades – There is a great sense of security, and you know where you stand. You know that your advice and opinions are heard and valued, and that submissives really steer the ship. You know that his support is not a burden to him, even if logically from your perspective it feels like it should be.

What advice does my spirit guides have for me?

Queen of Spades – Own your forthright nature. Own the qualities that make you your mothers son. Your sense of values and moral compass will assure that you don’t follow in her footsteps. Instead, you will use these qualities for the good of others, instead of for your own selfish desires.

What warning do my spirit guides have for me?

Four of Hearts – Stop stalling when you need to get things done that you’re not enthusiastic about. Just get them done.