Listening Is More Than Hearing

Today’s meditation was done in the wake of pulling next month’s decks and putting the majority (other than the ones I need for tomorrow) of this month’s away.

Panda Tarot and How to Be a Wildflower DeckToday’s draw is the Five of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of conflict, disagreements with others, and conflict through the clashing of wills.

The thing about the Five of Wands is that yes, it’s about conflict.  But it’s not the same kind of conflict you find in the Five of Swords.  In the Wands, we deal with the things that make us tick.  Our principles, our values, our enthusiasm, our drive.  In the Wands, the conflict card includes these aspects.  You’re not fighting just to fight, but because you are fighting -for- something.

Sometimes when many people feel strongly on a topic, they clash.  That is the kind of conflict that this card is about.

The affirmation card for today tells us that a lot of these battles of will, principles, and values can be solved if we will only pause to listen.  Not just -hear- what others are saying, but actually listen to what they have to say and think about it instead of trying to talk over them to get our own point across.


Cosmic_Crow_Tarot’s #FreedomTarotChallenge Prompt
Questions for July 29th thru 31st

Ancient Animal Wisdom Oracle and Chinese TarotWhat should I appreciate more?

Three of Wands and Lion – My journey, and the autonomy I have within it. The strength it has given me that I now own through the trials I’ve experienced, and can now utilize as I move forward.

What am I free to begin at this time?

Two of Cups, Sausage Fruit Tree atop Civet – Cracks up. Okay. So these cards essentially say that I’m “ripe for spectacular sex with a mysterious stranger”. Maybe Gideon and I need to make new characters? I’m really enjoying the ones we have right now tho. Good thing that “free to begin” something doesn’t necessarily mean you have to. Maybe I can channel that “ripeness” into something else, hm?

What thought do I need to keep with me moving forward?

Nine of Cups and Monkey – Don’t let your feelings of satiation dampen your curiosity for life and the world around you. Just cuz you’re happy and comfortable doesn’t mean there’s not plenty more to explore, discover, and enjoy.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheJulyTarot #TarotSuitsChallenge Prompt
: What can I do in the present in support of my definition of a happy home?

Panda TarotReading Summary: Let go of past experiences (Ten of Swords) and own the present (Four of Pentacles). Ensure prolonged security (Ten of Pentacles).

Take Away:  In order to support my definition of a happy home, it’s important to not get so wrapped up in my past experiences and processing things concerning them that I lose focus on my goals.

A lot of my security plans and goals are on a sort of autopilot.  Automatic payments and the like. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t check in on them now and then to make sure things are going as planned and everything is in order. 


Daily Self Kindness

After I pulled next month’s decks, I took an ibuprofen and allowed myself to lie down for a bit and take a break.

Transitioning from July to August

Homebound Tarot and David Wilson's Animal Oracle

Here and Now, I Am Death and Strategy – In the middle of change and strategizing the way forward. I am in a place where I am prepared to not just adapt, but find a way to flourish.  Logical thinking is necessary.  You can’t just “feel your way forward” in this.  (Details on this change are further explored in the “Relevant Shadows” portion of this reading.)

Leaving Behind The Fool atop The Lovers, Modest – Hesitation caused by naive concerns about our relationship. Finally letting go of the fear of returning to that place we were in years ago that I struggled with so much.

Focus Forward The Tower and Ornery – Change. You are stubbornly going to push this change that is shown in the “Here and Now, I Am” position. You know it’s the right thing for you, and anyone that tries to get in your way is going to find themselves confronted with unpleasant backlash.

Negative Influences Seven of Swords and Unbidden – Pay attention to those that come into your life uninvited and ask shit of you, or try to steal away your time, energy, or resources.

Positive Influences The Hierophant and Thaw – Work on opening up more to your guides. They are here to help you, teach you, and guide you upon your path.

Relevant Shadows The Devil atop Two of Cups, Power –  The themes that you explored this month concerning your inner adolescent, and how those scarcity feelings from that area of your life influence your present. This area needs more exploring, for you have the power to deal with it at this time. It is through spending time with this issue and working through it that the changes touched upon in “Here and Now, I Am” will manifest.

Lift From The Past  The Emperor, Fragile atop Predator – Don’t forget how safe and protected Gideon makes you feel. He is there to support you whenever you are feeling vulnerable and protect you from not just others that might target you, but from your own inner self destructive influences that lurk beneath those times when you are at your most vulnerable.

Future Event to Prevent or Overcome Six of Cups and Legend – Your mother. Her expectations. Her manipulation through the connection to your childhood.  The visit to see her has been postponed, but it’s coming.  Be ready.

Approaching Opportunity The Moon Rx and Searching – It’s time to start seeking out those things that make you feel stable and confident. As you build on the change that dominates the lion’s share of this reading, you need to start instilling more of these confidence building things into your life. Look to the “Relevant Shadows” and “Lift From The Past” sections of this reading to find these things. Your opportunity here lies in making peace with your inner adolescent and seeking out Gideon to help you in sorting through this theme.

Message from Spirit World –  Childhood stories are something you need to value as a learning experience.  Don’t lock them up inside and throw away the key.  Seek the lessons they have to teach you in order to defeat the fears and uncertainties that these experiences still spawn.

Message from Mind’s World – When you don’t get enough Gideon goodness in your life, it influences you negatively, allowing your mind to dip too deeply into the harsher side of things and your negative inner dialogue to become stronger.

Message from Known World –  Activities that you enjoy together are fare better for you than time spent alone on your own.  When you’re feeling vulnerable, allow yourself to step under Gideon’s wing.  Don’t retreat into yourself where you are putting yourself more at risk from either outside factors or your own inner demons.

Take Away – Apparently I am in a place to deal with this particular shadow from my inner adolescent, and I need Gideon’s help to sort through my feelings and how to deal with the situation.  When this topic first came up in the monthly challenge, I was surprised at how strongly it resonated.  The reading here indicates that I need to make sure I don’t just “set it aside” now that I’ve touched on it, but actually explore it deeper.