Screw The Naysayers

Today’s meditation was the fourth installment of the introductory meditation program on the Balance app, which was ten minutes in length.  I did not include piriformis stretches in the meditation today.  I wanted to see if it made any difference in my perception of time during meditation if I left it out.  Which… it does not.

Golden Age of Romance Comics Tarot and Less Anxiety Affirmation CardsToday’s draw is the Page of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of exploring one’s emotions and creativity, and the potential that lies in delving in to one’s curiosity.

What strikes me in the imagery of this card is the irritation on the face of the man who looks over the woman’s shoulder.  While she pursues her curiosity and interest? He is looking on with irritation and jealousy.

Sometimes? That happens. We discover something new, we invest ourselves within it to begin to explore, to learn, and to discover the possibilities it presents to us. And some asshat is there over our shoulder being a bastard… or maybe even it’s your own inner dialogue filling that role.

The affirmation card for today is a reminder that if you choose to stay on task… to not be dissuaded by the naysayers and negative influences? You will get through it. You will find yourself on the other side of it, and in having stayed the course… you will have grown along the way and have far more to enjoy and discover on the other side of it all. In other words? Don’t let the assholes get you down. Do your own thing and have fun with it.


#DiscordTarotholicsJul2021 Challenge Prompt
Questions for July 20th and 22nd

Green Witch Oracle and Michelangelo TarotAs an adult, where am I neglecting myself at this time?
Snapdragon (Purification) and The Devil

You are not being discerning enough with your addictions and which ones you choose to pursue. Nor are you being proactive enough in purging what isn’t working.

Decks. Selling shit on eBay. Houseplants. Food. Even jewelry supplies. All of these are things that you enjoy, and anything you enjoy has the potential to become an addiction.  In order to keep these things from building up and becoming unmanageable, occasional purges are necessary.

How can I begin to resolve this pattern of neglect?
Bay (Wisdom), The Sun Rx atop Two of Pentacles

To begin to resolve this unresolved pattern of neglect, you need to acknowledge that when you juggle too much, it’s no longer fun.  This is true with work, and it’s equally true with anything else that you enjoy, especially that may build up over time (like collections of things).  If you are juggling too many of these things at once, it becomes unwieldy and difficult to manage.  That then begins to eat away at the fun and enjoyment that attracted you to these things in the first place.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge Prompt by E Roebuck-Jones
Question for July 20th plus Bonus Question

Golden Age of Romance Comics TarotHow does a creative blockage feel?

Creative blockages feel like the end of the world (Ten of Swords). In those moments (or days, or weeks), it can feel like I can’t to anything right (Judgement Rx) and there’s no joy left in the life (The Sun Rx).

So much of my life is wrapped up in my creative spark, from my hobbies to my work, from the things that bring me joy, to the things that expand my perspective and allow me to look at the world through a more positive lens. It is, in one way or another, incorporated in nearly everything that I do.

When my creative spark falters and sputters out, it makes the world look gray and lifeless, and as if there is no longer any place for me within it.

How can I work at overcoming these blockages when they arise?

Acknowledging the wealth of good fortune (Five of Pentacles Rx) and accomplishments (Nine of Pentacles) that  hard work has filled my life with.

Gratitude.  The more gratitude that I feel for what I have in the present, the less there is of the past’s scarcity to drive my need for more. With less of a need for more, there is less dissatisfaction, and with less dissatisfaction there is more room for creativity to flourish in place of the grappling need my past creates within me.


Daily Self Kindness

I took my progressive glasses in to bitch about the alignment of the bottom portion of the lens. I took some of my jewelry work with me so that I could demonstrate how I work and what I need, and they’re going to send them in to be redone.

Morning Bonus Read – New Week Set Up

Tarot of Plants (Solar Edition) and Wildlife Wisdom Oracle

What does the mind need to stay centered?

Five of Autumn (Monkshood) and Heron – It is important to remember that the scarcity that you feel is in your head and your past, and not a part of your present reality.  Focus on what’s here in the now, instead of what in your past influences these irrational emotions. Acknowledge that you are now far beyond that place of constant powerless need.

What does the body need to stay grounded?

The Empress (Corn) and Deer – When you bend you cannot break, but in order to be able to bend, you have to be able to yield. Soothe yourself, ease those muscles and tension. Allow yourself to bend. Treat your body with the kindness that it needs to be flexible and strong.  Make sure you are doing your physiotherapy and yoga, and that you are getting out in nature to get the exercise you need.

What do your emotions need to feel heard?

Mother of Autumn (Lavender) and Dragonfly – Things shift and change around you, make sure that you are going to someone willing to support you to speak with and find the support you need. This is about seeking people out instead of trying to close yourself off and deal with it on your own. Opening up about what needs to be said instead of keeping it to yourself.  Allowing yourself to unload what’s going on inside you with these people will help you in hearing yourself as much as it will help you in feeling heard by others.

What do your desires need to feel seen?

Seven of Summer (Venus Flytrap) and Bear – You want more time off to relax and just not have to deal with the responsibilities of life. This is a new sensation for you and you are struggling with it feeling “wrong”, but in fact it’s normal, just not your normal. You are making choices that could make it your new normal, though. Healthy choices.  Don’t back out because there’s a couple of unpleasantness like this discovered along the way.