Morning Bonus Read – Boundaries

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
This week’s prompt is on the theme of boundaries. Let’s do some divination to better understand our boundaries, using Goldilocks reasoning.”

Johannes Brahms Composers Luxury Playing CardsIn what areas of life are my boundaries too hard (trying so hard to protect me that they end up injuring me or preventing growth)?

MyselfThree of Clubs – forcing people to stay at a distance so that I don’t get hurt. Expecting betrayal, and thus building my inner walls too hard and too deep so that nothing can get through to touch me.

OthersSix of Diamonds – Shutting people out so strenuously that they do not have the ability to get through to help me when I need help.

In what areas of life are my boundaries too soft (not being enforced, not clearly delineated where they need to be, etc)?

MyselfJack of Spades – I don’t allow myself to move at slower pace when in the process of learning new skills or ideas. This means I take on too much instead of buckling down on one thing at a time.

OthersKing of Spades – I take too much on myself instead of delegating more effectively. This allows people to take advantage and do less instead of standing up and doing their share.

In what areas of my life are my boundaries just right?

MyselfJack of Hearts – Having slowed down on the pursuit of the things that interest me and that I want in life. It used to be I try to do everything and be everything, and get everything done all at once so that I could have all that I wanted in life as fast as possible. I’ve learned to better pace myself in those pursuits.

OthersKing of Clubs – I allow myself to teach what I want to teach, and what is a passion to me, instead of just letting whatever others want to learn be the basis of what I am willing to share.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Boundaries

  1. Thankfully I completely ignored those emotional boundaries and tore down the walls to find you.

    Of course now I’m even more protective of you than you are of yourself so I tend to growl and pace when others get too close. Not because I’m greedy(Okay I’m so fucking greedy) but because I’m protective. Because too many people have hurt you and I wasn’t able to control it and I HATE when you hurt. God I hate when you hurt, no matter who it is that hurts you.

    The cards have talked about your defenses about letting others in twice now, so I’m thinking it’s something you have a need for…but I’m still going to be leery and on alert over here if happens. I just don’t trust people. Not with you. You’re too damn precious

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