Morning Bonus Read – Self Investment

Inner Child Cards Fairy Tale Tarot - Invest in Yourself Tarot Reading

Why I should invest in myself.

Ten of Cups – Because happiness is important and you deserve it. It influences and affects not just you, but everyone else as well. Investing in yourself makes not just your own life better, but the lives of others better too.

Where I should invest my energy.

Justice – It’s time to take a look at what you value most and what you work towards. Make sure your actions align with your heart and those things you value, and isn’t being driven by greed or other outside influences (like your past).

How I should invest in myself.

Three of Pentacles – One of the ways you can invest in myself is by allowing others to take on a more active role and a more balanced share of the work and responsibilities. You’re doing good with this, but there’s a great deal further you could go.

What will come if I choose to invest in myself.

Two of Cups – Choosing to invest in yourself will bring a closer and more aligned connection with others that are closest to you. This echoes up to the Ten of Cups and the influence that your own self investments has on others.

How will this change my daily life?

Ace of Pentacles – There is a great deal of potential for new growth and opportunity that could stem from investing in yourself. This connection mentioned in the Three of Pentacles plants the seeds for something new and wonderful to sprout.

Something I need to learn about investing in myself.

Two of Wands – Investing in yourself is going to take some deep reflection and soul searching. Connect to your true self. This echoes back to the message in the Justice card of this reading and examining what in life is valued most and if your actions align with those things.

Why I’m worthy of this investment.

Five of Pentacles – You are uniquely talented and are blessed with great creatively and manifestation abilities. You put your heart and soul into your connection with your spiritually and with the earth, and you will always be able to find comfort and strength in those things.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Self Investment

  1. LET them help you, man. You don’t need to take on the lion’s share of the work just cause you’re the man of the house…Hell, Z is there too so spread that stuff around, let them help you more.

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