Morning Bonus Read – Checking In With Self

Vintage Flower Faeries Tarot - Checking In With Self Tarot Reading

How I’m Feeling Right Now

Knight of Cups (Bellflower) – You feel lik there’s a lot that you need to get done and want to get done, and not enough time to get it all done in.  This is a common problem for you and one that comes over you again and again because you have too much responsibility, too much inspiration, too much enthusiasm… and you try to fit too much into each day instead of pacing yourself.

What Can Soothe My Soul

Eight of Wands (Pine) – Move your ass.  Although trying to go after everything you want every moment of every day isn’t healthy, that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty you can do and get done of you focus on one thing at a time and push through each thing til the end.  Your focus is the key to making this happen, though.  When your focus is split in too many different directions, the arrow can’t fly true.

How I Can Honor Myself Today

King of Pentacles (Honeysuckle) atop Queen of Pentacles (Guelder Rose) – Practicality over the gentle approach. It’s an orders day and if you really want to honor yourself you need to honor your responsibilities and obligations… without going too far with it.  That means do what needs done, and balance it with a bit of self care.  One project at a time is the ladder to success.

Something I’m Ignoring

The Moon (Lily of the Valley) – Your fears aren’t always unfounded… just unresolved. Instead of letting them hold you back or drag you down, suck on your energy and keep you dragging your feet… maybe you need to start looking at them and dealing with them.  It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to do a bit of exploration in this area.

Something I’m Procrastinating

Ten of Wands (Oak) – Changing your mindset to one where you’re not over whelming yourself all the time. This is where this entire reading’s theme seems to lie.  To take better care of yourself, you need to deal with these habits.  Hiding from them isn’t the answer, because they’ll just resurface again and again.  You need to find what is creating this constant urge to push yourself to burn out and start dealing with it so that you can move on to something healthier without the shadow of the old habit continuing to lurk in the wings.

Something To Be Grateful For

Ten of Cups (Crocus) – You’re not alone in your emotional journey. There are others there that are along for the ride, willing to help in lifting you up and supporting you not just in your endeavors but also in your emotions. Don’t forget to practice gratitude, and show your gratitude to those around you.


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