Morning Bonus Read – Throat Center

Brugel Tarot

My Throat Center Energy Right Now

Ten of Swords – You’re on the cusp of a transformation concerning how you communicate with others. But right now it just feels like you can’t say a damned thing right. It’s sort of like Mercury Rx, except that you’re learning from your mistakes and will use them in that transformation to adapt to a better method as you grow.

Tension I’m Currently Holding In This Area

The Sun – There’s been a good deal of pressure from the cards (and spirit guides through the cards) to be happy and really sink into the feelings of joy you experience, as well as to express that joy with others. The thing is, you’re not quite there in your growth yet, so this pressure feels a bit premature.

How I Can Release This Tension

King of Pentacles atop Queen of Swords – Suit yourself.  Take the advice being given as just that, advice.  Take it as a heads up on what’s coming instead of a push for the change to happen right this minute.  Do your own thing, work at it a little at a time.  There’s no rush.

How I Can Better Express Myself

Eight of Pentacles – You’re on the right path. Just keep working at it. Communication and it’s different avenues and intricacies takes time and practice to improve at.  Some people are more natural at it at others.  You’re one of those that needs to work at it.  To others it might seem like one of your strong suits, but in truth it’s something you’ve worked hard at all your life, and will continue to struggle and learn as you go, perfecting and adjusting with each step along the way.

Something I Must Accept As Truth

Knight of Wands atop Death – Organic change is something you can always see coming if you’re paying attention, but you haven’t been paying attention. You’ve been off in your own little world doing your own shit and not watching where you’re going. Be present and pay closer attention to what you’re doing and where you’re going, and as a result the changes and adaptations you go through as you move forward will go a lot more smoothly.

How Can I Follow My Life’s Purpose

Four of Pentacles – Focus on staying grounded and on steady footing as the world moves around you, like a tree stands still and strong in the winds and seasons of the years that pass.  You can revel in those seasons, in the storms and the wind, the sunlight and the rain… but stand strong and stand tall.  Stay rooted.  Everything else will flow and you will adapt as you go.


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