Morning Bonus Read – Taurus Season

Mirror Truth Lenormand - Taurus Season

Where I’m centered entering this season.

Rods (Broom) – Self flagellation.  Cruelty and negative inner dialogue.  Make sure that you are policing this area and tamping down on it when the urges rise.  You’re centered and strong here right now, but you want to make sure that this does not sneak in and take root.

How to ground into my deeper needs.

Tree – Pay attention to your health and work on making healthy choices over those that might be more comforting and of fugacious value.  Taking care of the body is the foundational strength of the rest of your health and your life.  Take some time to turn around on bad choices and look for better ones.

Where I’m called to push through my comfort zone.

Key – Keep your eye on the prize.  Sometimes you might feel a moment of hesitation, but if you push through and focus on the successes that you want to achieve, you will weather the storm just fine and come out the other side still on track and moving forward.

An invitation to prioritize pleasure.

Moon – It’s okay to wallow in good feelings and enjoy when someone say something nice or kind.  It’s okay to take pleasure in good moods and good events, things that make you smile or create a warm fuzzy feeling are not your enemy.  Dive into them and enjoy them.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Taurus Season

  1. No beating yourself up, man. We’ve spent too much time trying to drown out that damn whisper for you to let it in now. *Grins*

    You’ve got this, precious. I love you so much

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