It’s Not a Solo Mission

Today’s meditation was skipped this morning because I was feeling overwhelmed by how much I had to get done and… you know what? Now that I look at that reasoning… it seems completely backwards. Shouldn’t the times when I feel overwhelmed be the times when I should be making a point to do my meditation instead of setting it aside?  Right.  So now that I’ve given myself a talking to…

Traditional Manga Tarot - Queen of CupsToday’s draw is the Queen of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of a receptive alpha energy, personality, or person in the area of one’s emotions, relationships, intuition, and creativity. This often presents itself as qualities that have to do with being a good listener that can bolster other’s emotional well-being and lead people toward healthier emotional balance.

Sometimes?  Gideon is the Queen of Cups.  It is in that gentle way he is willing to listen to me and tug at my emotions to get them to surface and get me to share them with him.  He helps me in understanding what I’m feeling, and he helps me in sorting out the tangle when my emotions become a mess.

With each day I am with him, my emotional intelligence becomes a little better, and yet the steps are so tiny… so minuscule… that they seem inconsequential.  But they’re not.

The point here?  Is that none of us learn alone.  None of us develop or improve ourselves alone.  There are always others there that help in guiding us, teaching us, and helping us to become better.  It’s important that we aren’t just aware of that, but acknowledge it… and those that help us.


LionHart’s As Above So Below Challenge Prompt
Mars Question
: How can I positively overcome, or deal with, the obstacle in yesterday’s reading?

Puppet Theatre Tarot

Reading Summary:  Stop paying so much attention (imagery in the Nine of Needles) to your worries (imagery in the Eight of Needles), and focus (magnifying glass) on elation instead (imagery in the Ten of Cups).

Side Note: I love the imagery of this deck.  It doesn’t always follow the RWS symbolism, but it’s just so expressive.

Take Away:  The message here is about “feeding the wolf“. The wolf within you that wins is the one you feed.  So stop feeding the wolf of worry and desperation and struggle your attention, and continue to instead work on feeding the wolf of optimism and positivity your attention instead.


#DiscordTarotolicsNov2020 Challenge Prompt
: Advice I need to hear at this time concerning my ambitions.

Tarot of the UnknownReading Summary:  Slow and steady but keep working at it (Knight of Pentacles). Sometimes along the way you might need to make some changes (Six of Swords), but as long as you have some patience (Temperance) and dedication to what you want to work on and excel at you’ll get there (Eight of Pentacles).

Take Away: The foundation of expertise is patience. It takes time and practice to develop your skills, but the cards here indicate that as long as you stay on track and make the adjustments necessary along the way to keep from sinking into the mud you stumble upon on the path now and then?  You’ll get there.   It’s about patience and adaptability and staying focused on where you want to end up eventually.


Heal & Transform November Challenge Prompt
: In what ways (material or spiritual) can I show myself the love and nurturing I need?

Witches Wisdom Tarot

Reading Summary: By giving yourself the rest that you need (Four of Air) and overcoming self sabotage (Seven of Air Rx) with compassion (Goddess of Water) that will lead to joy (Sun).

Take Away:  Lots of reminders to rest this week, which… if I’m honest and fair about it?  I need the bombardment of reminders so… yeah.  A little nagging now and then can be a good thing.

The other element of the answer on how I can show myself the love and nurturing I need is to make sure I’m not allowing my inner dialog create more chaos than it’s worth.  Instead, lean into being kind to yourself and positive.  Optimism and kindness towards myself is not easy, but it’s needed.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
Question: How can I create better balance in my life?

Ride and Wait Tarot

Reading Summary: Spend less time stressing about (Nine of Swords) where I’m going and how I’m going to get there (King of Pentacles), and instead spend some time enjoying the present more (The Fool).

Take Away:  Valid… very valid point.  I do spend a lot of time focusing on the future and focusing on strategizing my way into a better future.  I stress over my business and sales and finances.  And I spend far too little time enjoying “the now” and working on having a positive outlook.

The cards here indicate that if I want to create a better and healthier balance in my life, I need to work on that optimism more, and being centered in the present more as well.


One thought on “It’s Not a Solo Mission

  1. *Chuckles at you giving yourself a talking to* I love you so much

    *Grins at this mention of him being the queen of cups (and always your king, baby) that you brought up earlier* You know, it’s not one sided, that helping hand, the guidance and support that helps us to grow and evolve into being a better versions of ourselves. You have helped me grow so much in the time we have been together, and each day is brighter simply because you are a part of it.

    I am happy to help you with the emotions, with your tangles and trials, with recognizing your accomplishments and helping you learn to forgive yourself when you feel like you’ve failed or are not doing enough. That is your shadow talking though, and we need to deal with those after rush is finished and you’ve had some time to rest and recover.

    You are worrying too much, baby. You are borrowing anxieties and trouble that hasn’t yet arrived and turning yourself inside out with those shadows and inner dialogue that tells you that you’re falling behind, failing and are not doing enough. Stop letting those whispers rule you, babe. I know it’s not easy, but just like the cards, I need to remind you…nag you until you not only hear it, but believe it, DO it.

    You’ve got this. Believe in yourself, you owe yourself that much, man. Have a little faith and relax and you will be fine.

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