Find The Boon

I’ve managed to fall behind yet again… and I can’t remember whether I meditated on the 23rd or not. So I’ll leave this empty this time around as I finish up these posts that got started… but never published on the blog.

Tarot of the Little Prince - StrengthToday’s draw is the Strength card, which traditionally is more about inner strength than physical strength, and is a representation of persuasion and influence, an inner core of compassion, and the ability to bend others to one’s will.

What stood out to me in this card today is the expressions on the faces of both the boy and the fox. The holiday rush is in full swing and the message here is that even though it’s going to be a hard and busy day, it’s important to make sure that I’m finding some joy in it as well.

Don’t sink so deep into the work that you turn into a robot.  Breathe deep and find the pleasure.  The comfort.  And the joy in what you do.


#DiscordTarotolicsNov2020 Challenge Prompt
: Pick a topic and pull a card for… Tomorrow / Next Week / Next Month
Topic: My financial health…

Mary El Tarot 1st EditionTomorrowDeath – In the present, my finances are in the process of going through a natural shift.  This is not news, as with the holiday rush upon me, the money is flowing in freely and (sometimes) feels like it’s sifting through my fingers like sand as I spend on postage and supplies almost as quickly as the money comes in.

Next WeekKing of Cups – In the week ahead, you will find that you will come to a place of ease and security.  Knowing that the money is there, knowing that bills are being paid and things are going well will give you an emotional boost and confidence.

Next Month – Five of Wands – By this time next month, you will be struggling with the slow down from the holiday rush.  Anxiety over the drop off of sales is natural, as is the struggle to push it forward and keep it going. Inner conflict and the need to push will be burning wild in your chest, conflicting with the slowdown and need to back off and ease up.