What Do Your Readings Look Like?

I think you might have already read my response to this question, but I liked it and I wanted to include it here.

What do some of your readings look like? Do you go back and forth with the querent? Do you try breaking down their questions and reforming them if they feel a bit off? Do you go in and just see how it feels doing multiple pulls for a question?

Tarotholics Tarot Discussion Prompt via Discord on 11/7

When reading for others, I read in a variety of different styles. Keep in mind I am mute, so when I say I am “talking” to someone it means I’m either typing words out in response on a device, using a text-to-speech app, or writing things down by hand for communication purposes. This slows down the process so what was once a 10 minute reading back when I had a voice is now about a 30 minute reading or more.

In Person Read then Discuss – In this method, I have a client face to face that comes to me with a question. They give me the information they want me to know and I draw cards to answer this question, and any additional rephrasing I might have that I want to add to the reading for clarification purposes. I do not look at the querent as I pull these cards, but instead I focus my attention on the cards until they are all laid out.

I take a few notes, then use either hand written, typed on a screen, or text-to-voice to convey the message of the cards in detail. Once that is done, I ask if they need clarification on anything, and if so, we talk about it and I might draw another card or two.

In Person – Free Form – Again, a face to face client sits down and we begin to talk about a situation or event that they need some clarity on. In this method, ass we talk I will continuously overhand shuffle the cards. Each time a card pops out of the deck, we pause the conversation and I use the card to help direct where the conversation goes and provide needed answers and advice.

When the discussion starts to circle back on itself, it’s an indication that we’ve reached the end of what the cards can give, and I ask if they need any further clarity. If they say yes, I might draw a card or two more if it is needed (or recap what has already been said if new cards are not needed), and then close things out.

Online – Read then Discuss – In this method, my client contacts me through digital means (usually through email or purchasing a reading off my website) and can share as little or as much of their situation as they want, as well as the purpose of the reading. From there, I draw cards based (usually) upon how many cards they’ve paid for being drawn (sometimes I draw more, which I don’t charge for).

I type out the interpretation of the cards and I send the reading to them including a picture of the cards, and give them the opportunity to ask for clarification on anything involved in the reading if needed. Said clarification may come with an extra drawn card or two, or may simply need to be a recap / rephrase of what the cards have already said.

Online – Free Form – I usually save this particular method for friends and clients that I still have that I’ve had since prior to losing my voice. Especially since the pandemic, as face to face readings are not as easy to manage these days.

This method is done using instant messages, texts, DMs or other instant messaging type of method, we talk about what’s going on with them and between my replies while they are typing and while I’m reading, I shuffle cards and allow cards to pop out to provide guidance, advice, and answers.

Like an in person free-form reading, this is a discussion. I take pics of the cards along the way and send them to my client/friend as we go.

When the discussion either circles back or starts to peter out, it means the reading is then drawing to an end and I make sure they don’t need clarification on anything. I then send them a picture of their full reading with all of the cards on the table to close things out.

One thought on “What Do Your Readings Look Like?

  1. Yes, love, I’ve read this in discord as it was a discussion question, but it’s okay to put it here so that I can go back and read it again later. Or so you can. And I love the added graphic, I’m not sure why I like it so much, but I do. it’s just so your…vibe, I think. It’s so very you.

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