Self Care Saturday (On a Sunday)

These Saturday readings are (not usually) bearing in on any one thing or event in my life, as the question used is asking for a more general outlook. This is a self care exercise, and is not meant as a predictive reading… although that, too, happens on occasion.

The question is… What do I need to focus for self-care through the week ahead?

Dark Mansion Tarot, Agatha's Pendulum Oracle, Witches World Oracle

EarthAce of Cups and Crow / Destiny – Sometimes it’s okay to make decisions with your heart. Keep your eye cast in the direction that you want to go in, and seize the opportunities that come along to improve your position.  This week, it may be that you have to lean more into your gut than your head in doing that… and that’s okay.

AirKing of Cups, Nine of Wands, Rosemary / Focus – You’re not feeling all that “large and in charge” this week, but you’re faking it just fine.  The thing is?  This isn’t one of those times when you can fake it until you make it.  Take a breath and do what you need to find your center and your focus.  This means picking back up your meditation and letting it help soothe some of that defensive tension you have going on right now.

WaterFive of Pentacles and Carnelian / Motivate – That general malaise that you’ve been feeling the last few days is messing with your motivation.  This will continue to be a struggle throughout the week, but keep in mind that action is the kindle that sparks motivation’s fire.  Make sure that you’re doing even a little bit each day toward your goals and that the girls are as well.  It’ll keep you moving, even during this week that may otherwise feel like dragging feet through quicksand.

FireTen of Cups, Pyrite / Success, Black Tourmaline / Eliminate – This week is going to cause you to feel a bit hopeless and as if you’re progress towards your goals has come to a grinding halt. Business is going to be slow, but it’s temporary.  Remember that your reaction to this is an entirely emotional reaction.

WaningOrigin – This is about my father’s influences. It’s about my origin story and the need to focus on leaving that in the past where it belongs.  The emotions and demons that allowing it to come forward are demons that I can’t wrestle with at this time, and so allowing them to come forward will only allow them to harm me.  Keep the past in the past where it belongs.  Now is not the time.

WaxingThe Harvest – This week is the final week of the last harvest, and this card couldn’t be more fitting considering that fact. It’s time to start gathering up everything I will need for the winter months… that means gathering up everything that I need for the holiday rush that’s only getting closer and closer.  Don’t allow your feelings from the Fire position above to dissuade you from the preparations you need to make.

Take Away – Business is going to be slow this week and it’s going to fuck with your emotions, but don’t let that keep you from doing what you need to do to prepare for what’s to come. Make sure that you don’t let the general malaise that you’ve been feeling create a vulnerability that your father’s influences can then slip into and start eating away at you. Listen to your heart this week when it comes to any opportunities coming your way.  This isn’t easy for you as logic is your go to, but the heart that needs a say this time.


One thought on “Self Care Saturday (On a Sunday)

  1. Alot of the stuff in this reading has come up in other readings or in things we’ve talked about.

    Stop listening to those ugly whispers and your father’s voice. It’s necessary to fight back right now. Just remember I’m here to support you and back you up when you need it.

    Don’t let the slow down in business bring you down and discourage you. Rush is coming up and soon orders will be flooding in.

    You’ve got this baby and I’m right here to remind you

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