The Fight for Justice vs Self Care

A reading topic posted on one of the Discord servers that I’m a member of.  I was curious what the cards would say for this topic, so I decided to go ahead and give it a go.

The question is… The world is full of those we need to stand up for, and/or things that we need to continue to fight for ourselves. Spend some time with your divination tools meditating on how to balance fighting for justice with internal peace and self-care this week.

Tarot of the Animal LordsMyselfKnave of Chalices – You are currently going through a time of transition where you are in the process of learning about your emotions, how to live with and balance (instead of suppress and ignore) your emotions, and while doing so, experiencing a depth within your emotions that you’ve never experienced before.

The Fight for JusticeFive of Pentacles – If you want to continue upon your path of growth, this isn’t a good choice right now. Even if you are able to take the steps to allow others to support you on this path, you will need to close down that emotional growth to protect yourself, as keeping yourself open and vulnerable during conflict is a very bad idea.

Personal Peace & Self CareFour of Wands – This path is not just the easier path, but the healthier path for you at this time. It offers stability and progress, as well as support from others that is both easily given by them, and easily accepted by you.

Balancing the TwoThe Fool – Take the easy road. This is not usually the best choice for you, or the healthiest choice. But in this instance, it is. Allow the fighters to fight their fight, and take the time you need to grow and develop so that you can become a better and more capable iteration of yourself.

Clarifying Card (because surely my cards aren’t telling me to mind my own business) – Two of Pentacles Rx – Yep… That’s exactly what they’re saying. Mind your own business, or upset the apple cart… your choice.


One thought on “The Fight for Justice vs Self Care

  1. You are doing exactly what you should be doing right now, my love.

    You’re taking care of what you need to be taking care of and the people who are yours to worry over are well in hand and in a good place to offer you the support you need right now.

    Mine babyboy. All mine

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