Morning Bonus Read – The Earth and I


Top Row:
What is the largest way in which the earth’s energies interact with mine at this time?

Although I am currently feeling blocked / cut off from my deeper connection with the earth (left card), my continued connection to that energy from afar (inside left card) still creates within me a spark of inspiration and fills that great well of creativity within me (inside right card). I then incorporate that spark into all of the other aspects of my life (right card). Note the background in the first card with it’s rocky beach. This depiction increases the sense of “distance” I currently feel from nature, as although I connect with the rocky beaches here in my area… it is not where I connect most strongly, indicating a decrease in that connection at the moment.

Bottom Row:

How do I impact the earth’s energy? (left card) This card reiterates the separation that is currently ongoing in my life between myself and being able to get out into the green. There is significance here in the type of nature presented in the card, as this type of wet green calls to me strongly. And yet in the image it is healthy and lush indicating that I am causing no harm in my connection with the earth. Aside from the reiteration of the separation aspect, this card’s message is that I leave only footprints… and sometimes not even that. In other words, I respect what’s there and don’t tamper with it or harm it.

How does the earth’s energy impact me? (center card) It stirs me up and takes me home, both sparking a sustainable flame within me while churning up my creative juices and providing me energy.

Advice moving forward: (right card) The imagery in this card is an indication that with restrictions lifting in my area recently, I need to get my ass in gear, get out of the house, go out into the world, and search out some places (trailheads) that are open so that I can do some hiking and reconnecting with those energies.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – The Earth and I

  1. Yes, you need to get out for a few hours and connect with nature and let your spirit soar. You need it, you deserve it and it will make such a difference.

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