Stay On Target

Today’s meditation was just over fifteen minutes long and tacked into the tail end of my yoga and physio exercises.   I used the time to do some extra stretches with my hip as I’ve had a lot of stiffness there lately, but also to focus on breathing exercises.

Briefly, during the meditation, I had a really nice moment where the anxiety that’s been riding me the past week or two eased up a bit.   Like the knot relaxed, if just for a moment.

Eight of Wands - Tarot of the Hidden RealmToday’s draw is the Eight of Wands, which is generally a representation of movement, fast paced change, and alacrity as well as honed focus.

What I see in today’s card is an order to stay focused.   Today is your birthday, and I want to make sure I have time to spend with you so you can open your gifts, and so that we can hopefully get a bit of play in as well.   In order to do that, I need to stay focused and get my work done early so that I have that extra time to give.


#TarotForGrowthFebruary Challenge Prompt
: What is my relationship with rest?

Hush Tarot

Reading Summary:  Reading based off intuitive hits from the imagery rather than traditional card meanings.  I know what I need to do (Ace of Pentacles), but I’m all tangled up (Five of Spears) because I’m too busy trying to get somewhere (Wheel of Fortune).

Take Away:  The dove has the key to what I need to do, she rests and offers that knowledge, but the snakes make it clear that I’m being blocked by an tangle of distraction as I try to move forward like the ant floating on the leaf.  Essentially, my goals and aspirations are constantly pushing me forward and blocking my ability to rest effectively.


#DiscordTarotholicsFeb2020 Challenge Prompt
: What is the best and worst thing about getting older?

Hide TarotBest thing about getting older : Finding security both in yourself and your situation. Although not everyone finds financial security later in life, what they do find is a stability and knowledge in who they are and where they’ve been.  This creates a foundation and sense of inner security that youth haven’t yet discovered as they haven’t yet fully explored themselves and their potential yet.

Worst thing about getting older : Looking back on the past and all those things you wish you’d done.  Getting older has a lot of regrets, and if not regrets?  Lost opportunities.  We all have them, and this card indicates one of the worst things about getting older is looking back on those lost opportunities and letting your mind meander down the “what ifs” of if you had just done this or that.


Owl and Bones February Two Card Challenge
: Brag / Be Humble

Tarot of the Lucid SlumberBrag : The unique shit that I’ve done in life that make it a life worth living.  Maybe because I started off on my own so much earlier than most of my generation, I’ve had a lot of experiences  along the way that are helpful in giving others hope for getting through their own struggles.   These experiences aren’t always pleasant, but they are still adventures of one sort or another… and have made me who I am.  Sharing them, and my triumph over them, helps me in helping others.

Be Humble :  The nefarious shit that I probably shouldn’t have done, but turned out okay regardless.  I have a very honed moral compass, and a very eclectically unique code of ethics… that said?  I was dumb and young once too, no matter how early I matured.  I did the wrong thing from time to time, I fucked up from time to time… I did things that I look back on and am sad about from time to time too.   These lapses in judgement are moments I need to keep to myself, regardless of how much they may have assisted me in my own growth and in becoming the man that I am now.


One thought on “Stay On Target

  1. You made sure my birthday was wonderful, baby. Thank you.

    Though tonight I’m worried sick as you haven’t messaged me in five hours and that’s after being stuck in traffic all night. So yeah, freaking the hell out since you wont’ answer my texts.

    Let me know you’re okay, man. I love you. So much


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