Breaks in the Storm

IMG_2806Today’s meditation was just over ten minutes long, and focused upon the voices in our head and how they can turn against us at times when we need support the most.

The guided meditation walked through the process of looking at those internal voices not as whispers of truth or influences on how you should feel, but from an observer on the outside.

Everyone has these voices that whisper about insecurities, self-doubts, and pick at our weaknesses.   Today’s meditation encouraged looking at these voices as an observer so that you can judge for yourself whether what those voices are saying is useful or valid… or far more likely, just a bunch of judgemental hot air.

Spirit of Clouds - Majestic Earth TarotToday’s draw is the Spirit of Clouds (King of Swords) which is commonly a representation of a projective alpha energy, personality, or person in the areas of communication and intellect.  This often portrays itself in themes concerning authority, clear thinking, and intellectual strength.

The appearance of the Spirit of Clouds in today’s draw ties into the theme of today’s meditation.   When I look at the image on the card, what I see is the beaten and battered earth, the torrential rains, and stormy clouds above… and the clearing of the storm in the distance.

The message here is to look for the break in the storm.  I have had some time lately where I’ve seen those breaks.  Times when I’ve felt the shift of breeze and fresh air sift through my mind and spirit, allowing the weight of winter’s struggles and clouded sensations of feeling smothered to be brushed away for brief moments and allow me to feel refreshed and clean once more…. just like that break in the storm in the image.

This card is an encouragement to savor those moments, and reach for them.  Enjoy them and let them help lift me further out of the dim and the dark and into the light where my spark resides.


#TarotForGrowthFebruary Challenge Prompt
: How can I improve my relationship with productivity?

Tarot in WonderlandReading Summary:   It’s time to start tapping back into my creativity (Knight of Cups)… now (Eight of Wands).

The deck did not want to give me any more cards after the Knight of Cups.  When it finally did, it gave me the Eight of Wands.  The Eight of Wands is sass, because the deck had already said all that it wanted to say.

Take Away:  If I want to improve my current relationship with productivity, it’s time to start acting on those small sparks of inspiration and creativity when they start to sneak in to whisper in my ear.   At the moment, these small sparks are very sparse and difficult to hear, but just like one’s intuition, the more you listen… the more it will speak up.


#DiscordTarotholicsFeb2020 Challenge Prompt
: What one thing can I do today to make my life better?

Weird Cat Tarot

Reading Summary:  Let Gideon (King of Cups) and my loved ones (Three of Cups) lift me up and inspire hope (The Star).

Take Away:  All of the reads so far today are focusing upon those moments of “light at the end of the tunnel” and “fresh air breathed through the soul” feelings that I’ve been experiencing the last few days.  Whatever hole of fog that I’ve managed to fall into is beginning to allow me glimpses of the sky above and my guidance to climbing my way out is to allow others that care about me to inspire hope while I reach for the handholds that will allow me to climb free of the hole.


Owl and Bones February Two Card Challenge
: Absorb / Take Action

Love Is In The Earth TarotAbsorb : The Four of Crystal Spheres (Pentacles) is an indication that I need to take time to really sink into the feeling of safety, stability, and security instead of allowing myself to be carried away by worries and fears.

Take Action :  The Two of Crystal Spheres (Pentacles) as the “take action” card speaks finding balance.  Things have been out of whack for me for quite a while now, and in order to find that balance again, the cards indicate that I am going to need to actively reach for it.



Weekly Creativity Prompt

This Week’s Creativity Prompt:
Draw a single card from your favorite deck and share how the card makes you feel.

Five of Flame - Stolen Child Tarot Empowerment

Most people see the Five of Flames (Five of Wands) as a negative card, and that’s understandable, because depictions of the Five of Wands are very often all about conflict and nothing else. It makes the meaning, when interpreting from the imagery, very one dimensional.

The imagery in this card really opens things up for me, because although I do see conflict here, I also see empowerment, family, determination, and much more.

The changeling boy is not just fighting for the sake of the fight, he’s making a claim and standing his ground.  He is showing determination, and when I see the imagery in this card it fills me with a sense of inner strength and determination, as how these emotions are depicted is one that I relate to strongly.

I have had to fight for nearly everything I have, and every aspect of myself and my personality.   When I see the boy’s fist curled around the bone and the determination in his eyes, he reminds me of the strength within myself and the “fight” within me that brings rise to the fire of purpose that burns within me.

This is my favorite card in the Stolen Child Tarot because of that kinship I feel with the determination and empowerment conveyed in the imagery of this card.  It… makes me feel strong and good.