Weekly Creativity Prompt

This Week’s Creativity Prompt:
Draw a single card from your favorite deck and share how the card makes you feel.

Five of Flame - Stolen Child Tarot Empowerment

Most people see the Five of Flames (Five of Wands) as a negative card, and that’s understandable, because depictions of the Five of Wands are very often all about conflict and nothing else. It makes the meaning, when interpreting from the imagery, very one dimensional.

The imagery in this card really opens things up for me, because although I do see conflict here, I also see empowerment, family, determination, and much more.

The changeling boy is not just fighting for the sake of the fight, he’s making a claim and standing his ground.  He is showing determination, and when I see the imagery in this card it fills me with a sense of inner strength and determination, as how these emotions are depicted is one that I relate to strongly.

I have had to fight for nearly everything I have, and every aspect of myself and my personality.   When I see the boy’s fist curled around the bone and the determination in his eyes, he reminds me of the strength within myself and the “fight” within me that brings rise to the fire of purpose that burns within me.

This is my favorite card in the Stolen Child Tarot because of that kinship I feel with the determination and empowerment conveyed in the imagery of this card.  It… makes me feel strong and good.

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