The Impending Spring

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long, and focused on how it is important to take small pauses within your day to center yourself and just breathe.

This is a sort of reset, and it is something that I do on the regular.  Stoplights and moments in parking lots are my friends, as they give me these pauses in which to just take a deep breath and -be- for a moment.  To set aside everything and stretch my inner soul.   Rainy days are also wonderful for this, as I often work outside and I can take a moment just to stand in the rain, my face to the sky, and soak in the scent and feel of the world when it is being washed clean and nourished.

These times give the tight clench of anxiety and awareness a moment to ease throughout my day, letting a touch of stress and concerns slough off briefly.   I also find when I am super stressed or dealing with my depression, these times are something lacking from my days.

Today’s draw is the Seven of Pentacles (the Peacock) which is a representation of progress and the unknown, as well as the entrance of spirituality and looking outside the self in the area of resources, the physical world, finance, and manifestation.

In the guidebook for this deck, the Peacock has been assigned the keywords of rebirth, confidence, victory, patience, resilience, and devotion.

Today, I see the Seven of Pentacles as perseverance.  If you look closely at the card, you see that behind and around the peacock the world is covered in snow and ice, with hints of the green sprouting up to break free into the sunlight.

It is a message of holding on.  Of leaning into the hard times in life and the times when life feels barren and wanting, because spring is coming.   Relief and release is coming. To me, the imagery in this card represents the cusp of that change, and offers hope for the times when I am stressed and worried, reminding me to always keep in mind that such situations and mindsets are temporary.

Deck Used: The Animism Tarot


One thought on “The Impending Spring

  1. Mmmm in reading this post I find myself getting caught up with the image of you standing out in the rain with your face tilted to the sky and taking that moment to soak it all in. The absolute -peace- you find in that moment.

    Today’s message of just “holding on and waiting it out” is a good one and a reminder that even in the worst of times, as you say…and this too, shall pass. Spring is coming and tomorrow is a new day.

    When I look at the card and see the ice and snow though, what it brings to mind for me is how much you enjoy winter, the fresh newness that comes with the new blanket of snow. Of course it’s in my nature to make everything about -you- and find all those little things that bring you joy…

    I love you, man. So much. So very much

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