Bauble Traps

Ok, so it’s not really a trap in the strictest sense, but more of a distraction. Still…


If you’ve ever lived somewhere that you have a constant issue with things inexplicably disappearing and then reappearing on you, and especially shiny things, then this post might make sense.

In my family this disappearing act is believed to be most often caused by house sprites.  That is to say, by the Fae (including fairies, sprites, elves, brownies, and all the like).   The theory of a Bauble Trap is to distract them.  Although, often if you just ask for your items back and say thank you when they show up, it’s rare that these things become an issue in the first place.

If they do become an issue, though, or if someone just wants to set up a “just in case” then a “Bauble Trap” is the way to go.  I’m sure there are other names for this, but this is the name I know it by.

Essentially, what the Bauble Trap boils down to is a bunch of shiny stuff (bits of jewelry, etc) that you hang decoratively near a mirror.  Preferably near the front door or a window (but not in view of the door or window) and where light will shine off of the shiny baubles and the mirror’s surface.

As many of the little mischief makers are drawn to shiny bits, the combination of the shiny baubles and the mirror’s surface becomes a huge entertainment for them, and with this trap in place you may find that your other items are then left alone.

Be sure, though, as I mentioned, that you don’t put the Baubles Trap in view of your front door or window in question.  This would be seen as an invitation to outside Fae to come in and visit (or stay).  Although many of the Fae can be fun to have about, inviting more in is NOT something you want to do if you’re trying to resolve a mischief issue.

Pay Attention to Motive

Today’s meditation was ten minutes in length and focused on the differences between concentration and mindfulness.   Concentration being a laser sharp focus on something, where as mindfulness is more of an awareness of everything in that moment.

I can’t say I really paid that much attention, in fact, I had to re-play the discussion part of it just to remember -what- the focus of the meditation was.  This is because I was having a very good meditation where my focus was turned inward and on the breath.

Sometimes, if I get really into it, the rest of the world melts away and that was the case today.  I find these times to be the most refreshing, actually, so it was really nice to be able to find that headspace for today.

Today’s draw is from the same deck as yesterday (cuz I forgot to switch them out) and came up as the Four of Cups along with a repeat of the Nine of Cups from yesterday.  Neither of these cards were jumpers, as they both came out of the deck together.

The Nine of Cups, as you will remember from yesterday, is a representation of fruition and fulfillment, culmination, and consequences in the area of emotions, relationships, creativity, and intuition.

The Four of Cups is a representation of stability, shelter, ease, taking time to reassess, and stagnancy in the area of emotions, relationships, creativity, and intuition.

I still see the Nine of Cups as a carry over from yesterday.  It clearly is stating to me “don’t get cocky” or overconfident.  The underlying message has changed, though, to the Four of Cups.

Together, these cards are speaking of making sure I’m not reacting (or acting) out of boredom (just as yesterday they were speaking of impulsivity).  Whether bored or feeling impulsive, the cards for both days come with the overlying message that says “don’t get cocky”.  Take my time.  Pay attention.  Put some thought into my decisions and actions before I actually do or say anything.

Very important.

 Deck Used: Visions of Life Tarot


And now for a moment of levity.

Z sent this to me today in email and it made me laugh….