Just One Step is Still Progress

Today’s meditation was 10 minutes and 38 seconds, and focused on how small steps are still progress on the path of one’s journey.  This goes really well with my draw for the day, as you will see below.

Essentially, the meditation was a mindfulness exercise where you acknowledge the small steps that you are taking or have taken, rather than discounting them as not enough.  This is an issue that I deal with a lot, as I am my own worst critic and I have a habit of pushing myself past my limits to get things done.

It is a good reminder, though, that sometimes it’s okay to take things slow.  With the new project I’m working on for the business, this is a good reminder.  Especially considering I’m struggling with the chemical imbalance caused by having missed my meds for a few days last week.

Today’s draw is the Page of Pentacles, which in this deck is titled as “Education”. The Page of Pentacles is a representation of a receptive omega energy, personality , or person in the area of resources, finances, manifestations, and the physical plane. It indicates the beginning of a new cycle upon a path that you already tread.

As mentioned above, this is an apt card for today.  I’ve been running my business for nearly ten years now, so it is a path I have very much been on for a while.  And yet, this new project that I’m working on currently is a “new cycle” of a sort.  It is a new manifestation brought from the realm of ideas into the physical world.

The Page of Pentacles is also here to remind me that this is a learning process, and learning takes time.  So, in other words, don’t push myself so hard I run myself ragged, and don’t be too hard on myself during the learning process.  I’ll get there… it’ll just take some effort and a little time.

Deck Used: Visions of Life Tarot